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A look at how users engage with Tate mobile apps


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A look at how users engage with Tate mobile apps

  1. 1. Mobile app analyticsA look at how users engage with Tate mobile apps Museum & Mobile Online Conference VI Elena Villaespesa @elenustika
  2. 2. Mobile apps
  3. 3. App store metrics
  4. 4. Downloads
  5. 5. Revenue
  6. 6. Ratings and reviews
  7. 7. Ranks
  8. 8. Features
  9. 9. But… what happens onceyour users download yourmobile app?
  10. 10. Active usersDownloads 7,643 downloadsActive users 6,591 active users (86%)
  11. 11. Session length
  12. 12. Retention and frequency of use
  13. 13. Audience
  14. 14. Users in common with other apps
  15. 15. Technical reports
  16. 16. Understanding everyclick
  17. 17. Tate Britain QuizTrail Produced by The Connected Set
  18. 18. Which is the most popular trail?
  19. 19. Playing at the gallery or at home?
  20. 20. User paths
  21. 21. Magic Tate Ball Produced by Thought Den
  22. 22. What are the most frequent artworks found by the Magic Tate Ball? Salvador Dalí Edgar Degas Wassily Kandinsky Lobster Telephone Little Dancer Aged Fourteen Cossacks
  23. 23. How many users shared an artwork on social media?
  24. 24. Race against time Produced by somethingelse
  25. 25. Which was the art attacker that killed more users? Total: 11,642 times Total: 54,418 times Average: 0.23 times/level 6 played Average: 0.43 times/level 2 played
  26. 26. How many times did the chameleon fall through a hole?
  27. 27. Funnel - How many users stopped Dr. Greyscale’s machine?
  28. 28. Slice and dice your data Segment your users!
  29. 29. Segmentation
  30. 30. Segment: Users that played at Tate Modern
  31. 31. Mobile apps evaluationAcquisition Audience Technicalo Downloads o Gender o Deviceso App sales o Age o Error/Crasheso Paid upgrades o Location o App versiono Features o Language o Networko Ratings o Personaso Sources Engagement Ecommerce o Active users o In-app revenue o Returning users o Conversion o Session length o Transactions o Frequency of use o Time to purchase o Retention o Average value o Page views o User path