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Brainient interactive video


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A brief on how interactive video advertising works and some example of creatives done by Brainient.

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Brainient interactive video

  1. 1. brainient
  2. 2. So, what do you lot do then? A creative technology company that builds products for brands, agencies and media companies.
  3. 3. Why? We believe it’s important that your ads not only look good but also perform. Focus of advertising needs a balance between the media, the audience and the creative execution.
  4. 4. Standard VOD - Minimal Why interactive VOD? Interactive VOD - Engaging & Informative Engagement Earned time Click-through rate
  5. 5. VOD / Pre Roll Mobile Video and Rich Media Second Screen : Play along apps Connected TV On which platforms?
  6. 6. How we work… Do it yourself tool for creating interactive ads. No creative development skills required! If you’re not keen to do it yourself, we’re very happy to do it all. Our creative team is ready to meet your craziest advertising dreams. Brainient Studio Creative Services
  7. 7. Creativ e We have a variety of ad formats and platforms that we create interactive campaigns for. Formats
  8. 8. Engagement Drive to purchase Enhance product awareness Let’s see some examples…
  9. 9. Out of Player
  10. 10. Interactive Video 2.0 TIME DATE WEATHER GEOGRAPHY Want something really special?
  11. 11. Second Screen For when one screen is not enough…
  12. 12. Second Screen Takeover
  13. 13. Second Screen Takeover
  14. 14. Interactive Video On Mobile
  15. 15. Mobile Rich Media
  16. 16. The video ad will only fill 25% of a mobile screen, and most people won’t flip the screen around. On mobile, horizontal videos get a 9x lower completion rate than vertical videos. *Snapchat May 2015 report Mobile Video Challenges
  17. 17. Well, we have the solution: Vertical Fast Interactive
  18. 18. Our object-tracking technology dynamically focuses on the vertical strip with the most activity in a video, thus turning a horizontal TV ad into a vertical mobile video ad. 9x higher completion rate We create thoughtful interactivity that works across any platform, any device, anywhere. 10x higher engagement rate
  19. 19. THANKS! Drop us a line to find out more. We look forward to hearing from you 4th Floor, Medius House 63-69, New Oxford Street, London, WC1A 1DG