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Simple introduction to using a thesaurus

Published in: Education
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  1. 1. _ _ _ _ _ _rus What Kind of Creature Am I?
  2. 2. _ _ _ _ _ urus I am usually quite BIG!
  3. 3. _ _ e _ _urus You might be afraid of me, but you NEED me!
  4. 4. _ _ e _ aurus I can make whatever you say sound more interesting!
  5. 5. _ he _ aurus Sometimes I get confused with a similar creature.
  6. 6. _ hesaurus I am all about Mean ….mean ing , that is!
  7. 7. Thesaurus! I’m a………
  8. 8. And I really look like this…
  9. 9. I am full of synonyms . Synonyms are words with the same meanings Yep, it is large. Large!? Its huge! Its not huge, its tremendous! That wart is big.
  10. 10. Why do you need a thesaurs is you already know how to spell a word and what it means?
  11. 11. MadLibs Activity 1. Complete your MadlLibs “Dinner Out” worksheet using words from the WordBank or your own. 2. Find each of your completed words in the Thesaurus. 3. Review and find another word for the one you chose. 4. On the back side of your activity sheet, complete the MadLib using your words from the Thesaurus .
  12. 12. MadLibs WordBank Adjectives: describing words good great bad neat messy clean cute ugly blue (or any color) nice big small hard soft Nouns: things, animals, people, places dog cat duck shoe sofa Verbs: action words move run jump give throw eat scream grow
  13. 13. Review <ul><li>Offer 4 choices of best resource for dictionary, thesaurus, ency. And atlas. </li></ul>