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Reference In the Library

  1. 2. I wish I knew more about India…. Ever wonder what another country is like? What they eat, how hot it gets there or who is in charge?
  2. 3. My dog is pretty ugly…I wonder if he’s the ugliest dog in the world!? Ever wonder who the tallest person in the world is? Or where it rains the least? Or who has the longest toenails?
  3. 4. What’s another word for “boring”? Ever get tired of using the same words over and over? Ever want to impress someone with a really BIG word?
  4. 5. I wish I knew what paint was made of. Who invented it? Did cavemen have paint? Ever want to know everything about one thing?
  5. 6. Man, I didn’t know what any of those words meant… Ever get tired of NOT knowing?
  6. 7. Then You Need to Know Your Reference Tools! They can tell you what you want to know…. But Where is the Reference Section of the Library? You know where it is, these are all the books mean Mrs. De Groft won’t let you check out!
  7. 8. What’s In the Reference Section? Dictionaries Almanacs Thesari (This is plural for thesarus !) Encyclopedias Atlases
  8. 9. General Encyclopedias <ul><li>They are alphabetical lists of subjects like people, places, things, and events. Guess which volume this page was found in….. </li></ul>D ar es Salaam – a place Charles D arwin- a person D ates – a thing
  9. 10. General Encyclopedias <ul><li>They usually come in sets and are arranged alphabetically by volume. There are usually lots of volumes. </li></ul>Do they have an index ? Yes. It is the last volume in the set and not part of each volume.
  10. 11. Want to know about Llamas? You know you do…look at his lashes, those long ears…. 1. Find a topic you want or need to know about. What letter does it start with? L lama! 2. Find the volume that starts with the right letter L 3. Find the section with your topic. Llamas are in between L jublana and L obster!
  11. 12. Ups and Downs of Encyclopedias Good News A little information about lots of things Bad News Not much detail Good News Information changes all the time Bad News Encyclopedias are not always current
  12. 13. The Dictionary <ul><li>An alphabetical listing of words and their meanings or definitions. </li></ul>
  13. 14. Atlas <ul><li>A book of maps </li></ul>
  14. 15. Thesaurus <ul><li>Synonyms </li></ul>
  15. 16. Almanacs <ul><li>Quick facts </li></ul>