STEMming Off Stories Presentation


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Virginia Children's Engineering Conference

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STEMming Off Stories Presentation

  1. 1. STEMming Off Stories Alisa Downey and Tina Coffey
  2. 2. Introductions Alisa Downey Tina Coffey Special Education Teacher Oak Grove Elementary Email: Instructional Technology Resource Teacher Roanoke County Schools Email: Blogs: Blog:
  3. 3. Objectives for this Presentation • Background • Hands on STEM activity based on story • Ideas to Differentiate/Accommodate/Adapt a STEM project • Practice • More Resources
  4. 4. How we started with STEM stories… • Big Bad Wolf Video
  5. 5. Group Task: Your class has just read, Snowmen All Year Long and At Home in the Cold. It’s now your job to build an outfit to keep a snowman cold for as long as possible! You have 30 minutes. • Draw a design for the snowman’s outfit • Figure out which materials you want to “buy” from your box. • Build your snowman’s outfit using the supplies • Be ready share.
  6. 6. Student Snowmen Projects Snowmen Design Video
  7. 7. Student Snowmen Projects
  8. 8. Student Snowmen Projects
  9. 9. Student Snowmen Projects • Videolicious Video Example 1 Example 2
  10. 10. Turning a Story into STEM • Look for science, math, or engineering embedded in the story. • Remember stories can be used with various grade levels. • Consider what types of digital technology would enhance the project.
  11. 11. Example Project: The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs! • The Fourth Little Pig’s House
  12. 12. Example Project: Rosa Parks Videolicious Video:
  13. 13. Example Project: Insulated Snowmen
  14. 14. Example Project: Iditarod Tracking Students research mushers and create a trading card on one of them. Students will follow 5 of the mushers during the Iditarod.
  15. 15. Example Project: Free Little Libraries
  16. 16. Meeting the Needs of All Learners by using… • Technology • Behavior Strategies • Academic Strategies
  17. 17. Technology: iPad Apps • Camera (Video and Photos) • Pic Collage • Videolicious • Popplet
  18. 18. Technology: Presenting Projects with Photos and Video Students presenting their Snowmen outfit blueprints. Watching Presentations to Self Reflect and Evaluate
  19. 19. Technology: iPad Apps Camera App Your Task: • Take some pictures of your snowman. • Create a short video (no more than 1 min.) explaining your snowman’s outfit.
  20. 20. Technology: iPad Apps Pic Collage
  21. 21. Technology: iPad Apps • Snowman Video Videolicious
  22. 22. Technology: iPad Apps Popplet
  23. 23. Technology: Bridging Background Knowledge Use videos, images, and text to help build prior knowledge. Example: Iditarod
  24. 24. Technology: Short Tutorials
  25. 25. Technology: Presenting Projects Document Camera
  26. 26. Technology: Presenting Projects VGA Cable for iPad (or screen mirroring)
  27. 27. Technology: Presenting Projects Digital Archive (website, blog, or wiki to show work)
  28. 28. Behavior Strategies • Contracts • Non-verbal signals • Reward for on task behavior • Modeling • Use Guidance Counselor and other faculty resources
  29. 29. Academic Differences: Grouping Options • Purposeful grouping • Student choice/Teacher Choice • Individual • Partner • Group • Multi-leveled Design Briefs
  30. 30. Academic Differences: Leveled Reading Example:
  31. 31. Provides leveled text, readers theaters, and take home books.
  32. 32. Academic Differences: Cross Grade Level • Example: 4th Graders write Books for Preschoolers
  33. 33. Practice • Read the book you’ve been given • Come up with a STEM Project • Think about your own class and utilize technology, behavior strategies, or academic strategies to meet the needs of your students. • Be ready to share!
  34. 34. Resources • Check out the our Conference page on the Oak Grove Digital Archive! • Check out Alisa’s Blogs here: Check out Tina’s Blog here: