Elmental Jamiroquai case study


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Elemental B2B case study for band Jamiroquai. How we used bloggers relations, online PR and social media for two Jamiroquai.com website launches for client Modera

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Elmental Jamiroquai case study

  1. 1. Jamiroquai case study B2B media relations and PR
  2. 2. About
  3. 3. About Jamiroquai After more than two decades Jamiroquai has achieved 20 top singles, 159 weeks in UK charts, 232 weeks in albums charts, six multi-platinum Albums, five MTC Awards, a Grammy and an Ivor Novello
  4. 4. About Modera Estonian software company builds technology for well-known brands CMS, CRM, Extranets, Intranets and more jargon you can shake a stick at Modera has great relationships with clients and partners
  5. 5. Powering Jamiroquai Modera provides software and technology for Jamiroquai for since 2007 Allowing its representation to manage the brand with its website being The first port of call for Jamiroquai international fans
  6. 6. Brief
  7. 7. Telling CMS stories Jamiroquai.com has existed online since 1997, making it one of the worlds longest running official sites. Modera wanted to demonstrate how its technology is taking the band to the next digital level
  8. 8. B2B public relations Announce the bands website re-launch in 2007 and again in 2010 Working closely with the band’s digital agency Media Junction to support ‘new’ singles, albums and/or tours by the band
  9. 9. Approach
  10. 10. Launch PR We created stories around the launch with a focus on humanising the site Broke down the technical language to appeal to media with a focus on the benefits for the band; reaching fans socially online
  11. 11. Openness We conveyed the expertise and openness of Jamiroquai being web veterans A band that embraces its global fans using technology and the web creating New standards in digital entertainment promotion
  12. 12. Impact
  13. 13. Offline marketing media Connecting with departments that steer creativity and manage budget is Essential for Modera to demonstrate brand management with its CMS We place them in top tier marketing titles showing this
  14. 14. Online marketing media Integrating comms reached advertising, marketing and media titles Boosted the coverage of the story within industry renowned newsletters and Online publications increasing visibility across publishers
  15. 15. Interactive media Modera demonstrate that its software is reliable, robust, progressive and is Competing successfully alongside its peers. We demonstrate this by placing Stories of achievement within interactive marketing titles
  16. 16. Technology media Technology media reached out to more technical driven target audiences Conveying the power behind software for web designers, web developers, Webmasters and IT professionals showcasing it to them
  17. 17. Social media titles Given the social aspects of the new Jamiroquai.com and its approach in Reaching out to its fans, the story was successfully pitched to social news With huge traffic such as Mashable and Pocket-lint
  18. 18. Marketing news portals We extended reach of the story to marketing news portals that featured the News on their sites in additional to newsletters reaching decision makers And influencers interested in marketing technology news
  19. 19. Global marketing media Working with European and global media exposed the story and brand to an International audience essential to continue to position Modera within media Important for reaching stakeholders in relevant regions
  20. 20. Vertical media We were able to reach vertical media by focusing on the elements within the Press release that appealed to different target audiences including the E-commerce and retail functionality of the new website
  21. 21. Music media Jamiroquai.com has been live for many years and the band has long had a Social connection with fans. We demonstrated how the socially driven site By Modera enhanced this within music business titles
  22. 22. Sharing knowledge We arranged for Neil Cartwright, founder of Million Media and Jamiroquai’s Digital agency to guest speak to Internet World to present how they use Modera’s software to manage the bands’ brand globally
  23. 23. Longevity of comms Successful PR and media relations built a rapport with a number of titles Seeking additional comment for articles and features from Modera and Jamiroquai’s digital agency achieved follow-up coverage
  24. 24. Integrated comms News engine SEO, social search and our integrated media relations Secured coverage across consumer and trade media, but more importantly Reached fans directly within arenas that still drive traffic
  25. 25. Value of comms Feature placement on the site’s social integration on Mashable.com Significant increase in visitors to Jamiroquai.com and agency websites Activity for digital and print amassed a ROI of 1250%
  26. 26. Modera testimonial “ Elemental has made us consistently visible to key decision makers in a short amount of time across business design, marketing and technology media critical to our business.” Siim Vips, CEO, Modera
  27. 27. Elemental profile
  28. 28. Background: Founded in London, England in 2001, Elemental is an independently owned communications consultancy Brand adidas, Bahamas Tourist Board, InfoSpace, Intel, NESTA, New Line Cinema, MGM MIRAGE, experience: Reebok , Russell Athletic, Topman, Ubisoft, Universal and more Core services: Content strategy , digital marketing, media relations, PR, online reputation management and social media Client sectors: Charity, entertainment, fashion, FMCG, media, music, niche businesses, retail, start-ups and technology (across B2B and B2C audiences) Mission : To create positive seamless relationships between brands and consumers through ethical integrated comms. Continually share our experiences through thought leadership articles, our blog and/or media outlets. To be transparent in what we do and the production work that we deliver challenging the industry and the environments we work within Markets: Europe: Estonia, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Poland, Spain and United Kingdom Worldwide: Australia, Canada and United States of America (USA) Published media: Magazines: Including .net, Admap, brandrepublic, B2B Marketing, BBC, Computer Arts, Catalogue & e-business, CorpComms, Digital Arts, Direct Commerce, Internet Works, Mad.co.uk, Making Money, Marketing Week, Media Week, Music Ally, New Media Age (NMA), PR Week, Sports Insight, The Venturer, TechRadar, Third Sector and Web Designer Books: Quoted in Brilliant Online Marketing, Online Marketing for Business and The Bloggers Handbook Radio: BBC Radio Three minute profile elemental
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  30. 30. Getting in touch
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