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Elemental case study for InfoSpace and InfoSpace Europe. How we used public relations, media relations and online PR to launch new UK products including metasearch engines Dogpile.co.uk, WebFetch and WebFetchPro

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Elemental InfoSpace case study

  1. 1. InfoSpace case study Media relations and PR
  2. 2. About
  3. 3. InfoSpace Publicly trading InfoSpace uses its web search products and services Including metasearch (multi-search) to power its branded websites such as WebFetch, WebFetchPro, DogPile and WebCrawler
  4. 4. Alternative search InfoSpace also powers its private-label online search and directory services For distribution partners that use its technologies across their destinations Enriching user experiences relating to content and search
  5. 5. Brief
  6. 6. The re-launch InfoSpace appointed us to continue the launch of InfoSpace Europe to make the brand visible to media after the incumbent agency lacked luster The goal was to re-tell the brands successful rise
  7. 7. European launch Our remit was to effectively launch the brand throughout Europe Products new to the industry; in particular metasearch, mobile and video Grow awareness of the UK activities and key individuals
  8. 8. Approach
  9. 9. Media relations and PR We managed media relations, PR and social search for the launch then on-going communications; working with senior management providing consultancy on the marketing direction of the brand
  10. 10. Building media Drafting and communicating press releases to share launch of new services including WebFetch; with media relations supported by case study and writing thought leadership and feature articles for media
  11. 11. Sub-brand comms Search comparison tool for metasearch engine WebFetch.com was launched Successfully supported with PR; boosting initial coverage with targeted ghost written thought leadership articles and features
  12. 12. Integrating comms We integrated public relations and online PR to enhance viral marketing Undertaken by the brand incorporating news engine SEO and social search Raising visibility online reaching B2B and B2C audiences
  13. 13. Sharing knowledge We selected targeted guest speaking opportunities that appealed to InfoSpace’s stakeholders and successfully placed guest speakers with Event organisers including ad:tech, TMF&A and SES
  14. 14. Impact
  15. 15. Boosting profiles Leading with high profile InfoSpace appointments we reached media Vital for the brand to be visible with target audiences including brandrepublic .net, Digital Bulletin, Media Week, NMA, Revolution etc.
  16. 16. Team InfoSpace InfoSpace was expanding its product and service suite into Europe Positive visibility in media made stakeholders aware, opening doors and Building confidence in the brand and its products
  17. 17. Instilling confidence With a US brand entering a UK and European market, success is paramount We instilled confidence in products, services and ‘firsts’ within the industry Its pioneering products were made visible by our comms
  18. 18. Thought leadership Thought leadership articles and features with respected trade media Demonstrated the expertise and knowledge of InfoSpace’s leadership through addressing topical subject matter in the industry
  19. 19. Sharing expertise We reached for more expertise within InfoSpace including mobile and video Steering and writing media comment alongside them bringing a rich resource of knowledge sharing it with stakeholders
  20. 20. Product comms With InfoSpace developing products and services ahead of it competitors Particularly in the mobile and video space. Demonstrating relationships with other businesses positioned InfoSpace as specialists
  21. 21. Targeted media Our comms highlighted important deals and relationships with partners The association with well-known brands showed the proficiency of products Particularly when featured in high calibre targeted media
  22. 22. Working with wins Announcing client wins for InfoSpace demonstrated growth and the continued development of its products and services, making the company visible bringing kudos resulting in successful pitches
  23. 23. Decision makers The range of media that we reached clearly demonstrated InfoSpace’s Proving their ability to connect with key decision makers within e-commerce, marketing, publishing, search, web and IT
  24. 24. Vertical comms We targeted comms of InfoSpace’s suite of products to specific markets Mirrored account wins in vertical sectors successfully in business, Finance, publishing, sport and technology industries
  25. 25. Launching sub-brands Our public relations supported the competitive sector launch of re-designed WebFetch service with a B2B and B2C viral marketing campaign Integrating search and online PR to reach both audiences
  26. 26. Viral boost Media relations supported the viral campaign featuring across both consumer and trade media boosting the viral with pick-up by B2B and B2C audiences increasing use of the search engine
  27. 27. Relationship building Relationships with other well-known search engines was important in demonstrating the strength of metasearch and opening similar doors with coverage in trade titles assisting InfoSpace achieve this
  28. 28. Securing reviews Reviews in magazines make services more visible conveying how they work Multiple reviews allowed us to demonstrate the case for metasearch engines Positive reviews built solid cases for potential clients
  29. 29. The value of comms Over 50 mentions in specific business and trade media in a range of articles, features and opinion pieces built a solid rapport with journalists Resulting in 243% ROI working across a two-year period
  30. 30. Achieving success The InfoSpace brand was launched in Europe in a competitive search market We built visibility, confidence and kudos assisting the brand to be successful Learn how to launch your brand successfully with us
  31. 31. InfoSpace Testimonial “ Elemental has been terrific in securing off and online media coverage for InfoSpace Europe in our trade media.” Dominic Trigg, Vice President, InfoSpace Europe
  32. 32. InfoSpace Testimonial “ Elemental has always shown a strong understanding of our unique search products and services, enabling us to communicate what we do efficiently.” Gavin Somers, Marketing Director, InfoSpace Europe
  33. 33. Elemental profile
  34. 34. Background: Founded in London, England in 2001, Elemental is an independently owned communications consultancy Brand adidas, Bahamas Tourist Board, InfoSpace, Intel, NESTA, New Line Cinema, MGM MIRAGE, experience: Reebok , Russell Athletic, Topman, Ubisoft, Universal and more Core services: Content strategy , digital marketing, media relations, PR, online reputation management and social media Client sectors: Charity, entertainment, fashion, FMCG, media, music, niche businesses, retail, start-ups and technology (across B2B and B2C audiences) Mission : To create positive seamless relationships between brands and consumers through ethical integrated comms. Continually share our experiences through thought leadership articles, our blog and/or media outlets. To be transparent in what we do and the production work that we deliver challenging the industry and the environments we work within Markets: Europe: Estonia, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Poland, Spain and United Kingdom Worldwide: Australia, Canada and United States of America (USA) Published media: Magazines: Including .net, Admap, brandrepublic, B2B Marketing, BBC, Computer Arts, Catalogue & e-business, CorpComms, Digital Arts, Direct Commerce, Internet Works, Mad.co.uk, Making Money, Marketing Week, Media Week, Music Ally, New Media Age (NMA), PR Week, Sports Insight, The Venturer, TechRadar, Third Sector and Web Designer Books: Quoted in Brilliant Online Marketing, Online Marketing for Business and The Bloggers Handbook Radio: BBC Radio Three minute profile elemental
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  36. 36. Getting in touch
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