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Exploring Instructional Uses of YouTube - D230


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Exploring Instructional Uses of YouTube - D230

  1. 1. Exploring Instructional Uses of YouTube Lucy Gray December 2013 1
  2. 2. Improv Everywhere 2
  3. 3. Additional Resources: ! Add your favorite educational YouTube videos to this crowdsourced list: ! ! Lucy’s YouTube Diigo Group: ! Lucy’s Google Custom Search on YouTube: ! Lucy’s YouTube Channel: ! ! 3 Email: lucy@lucygrayconsulting Twitter: elemenous YouTube: elemenous
  4. 4. Note to iPad Users Apple has removed the YouTube app from devices; you have to download the new Google version from the App store. YouTube on an iPad will look quite different than when accessing it via a web browser. Use the desktop version through the Safari browser. "4
  5. 5. Consider YouTube For... "5 Creating Consuming Curating
  6. 6. Creation Tools PhotoBooth iOS Device Video Camera Digital Camera Flip Cam- like devices Exporting Still Images in iPhoto "6
  7. 7. Creation Tools Video creation sites Animoto VoiceThread Record video from web cam (on YouTube’s site or using your webcam) Google Hangouts on Air Screencasting software and websites Quicktime Camtasia Screenr Jing Screencast-o-Matic "7
  8. 8. Google Hangouts on Air 8 Demo
  9. 9. Creation Apps "9 Explain Everything Education Creations Whiteboard iStopMotion Animoto VoiceThread ScreenChomp Animation Creator iMovie
  10. 10. YouTube Capture App 10
  11. 11. Activity "11 Upload your video via email. ! Take out your mobile device. ! Interview a neighbor. Ask them about their 1:1 experience thus far. ! Email it to: ! Visit my channel to see the results: !
  12. 12. YouTube Settings "12
  13. 13. Upload 13
  14. 14. Consuming Computers Mobile Devices Google Hangouts Playlists Embedded in social media such as wikis and blogs "14
  15. 15. YouTube Account Homepage "15
  16. 16. Where’s Your YouTube Channel? 16
  17. 17. Your Channel 17
  18. 18. Curating "18
  19. 19. Curating Use the browse and search functionality of YouTube to find channels and individual videos. Use Filter to refine your query. Create playlists for units that you teach. Add videos to playlists ahead of class or create them on the fly. Give links to playlists to students to supplement classroom materials Collect videos created by students to show to parents. You can keep links private. "19
  20. 20. Browse 20
  21. 21. Movies 21
  22. 22. Anatomy of a YouTube Video "22
  23. 23. Anatomy of a YouTube Video "23
  24. 24. Anatomy of a YouTube Video "24
  25. 25. Suggested Channel Subscriptions 25 • adobeyouthvoices • ArtInstituteChicago • ASAPscience • ascdwholechild • AVENUESdotORG • BIEPBL • bigideasfest • caseyneistat • citizentube • ColosiR or RichardColosiMedia • CommonSenseEducators • CZSBrookfieldZoo • ConstitutionCenter • DiscoveryEducation • EdReach • eduatgoogle • Edutopia • emarcos • FundforTeachers • GETideas • GoogleScienceFair • jamestsanders • jenniemisong • (Jennie Magiera) • JourneysInFilm • KeyCurriculumPress • khanacademy • LibraryOfCongress • LitWorld • MinuteEarth • NASAexplorer • NASAtelevision • NatGeoWild • NatlWritingProject • OneWorldTV • PeaceOneDay • PlayingforChange • SchoolHouseRocksVids • SMARTClassrooms • taxihailer (Jim Sill) • usgs • TEDEd
  26. 26. Identify and Share Videos and Channels 26 What are some of your favorite YouTube Channels? Find at least 3 and add them here:
  27. 27. Upload 27
  28. 28. Did You Know? Online editing capabilities in YouTube continue to expand. Go to your channel>video manager and select a video to edit. Add clickable annotations and speech bubbles to any video that you upload. Autocorrect color, add color filters, and stabilize video images. Blur faces. Add copyright friendly audio. Upload caption files or transcripts. More robust editing capabilities are available in the online YouTube editor as well. 28
  29. 29. Useful YouTube Links Creator Hub Creator Hub - Education Audio Library Video Editor TestTube YouTube blog YouTube Creators blog YouTube Edu YouTube - Education YouTube Teachers 29
  30. 30. Your Channel In-depth "30 My Channel Video Manager Subscriptions Inbox YouTube Settings Switch Account
  31. 31. Dashboard Tour 31
  32. 32. Settings 32
  33. 33. Potential Uses "33 Flip your classroom Review and remediation Language resources Project research Independent study From Tami’s Tech4Teaching Professional development Student and teacher reflection Writing prompts Field trip documentation Choose Your Own Adventure activities Screencasts Embed a video in a Google Site and have kids answer questions in an embedded Google Form
  34. 34. Flipping the Classroom X Flip your instruction so that students watch and listen to your lectures… for homework, and then use your precious class-time for what previously, often, was done in homework: tackling difficult problems, working in groups, researching, collaborating, crafting and creating. Classrooms become laboratories or studios, and yet content delivery is preserved. (
  35. 35. X Via Jackie Gerstein
  36. 36. Choose Your Own Adventure "X
  37. 37. Writing Prompts from TeachHub X
  38. 38. Remember... "34 Creating Consuming Curating
  39. 39. D230 YouTube Challenge Interview another D230 teacher using your Chromebook, iPad or other mobile device. Limit these interviews to no more than 2 minutes. Suggested discussion topics (pick one): Favorite tip or trick for current device, biggest takeaway from the 1:1 experience, implications for student learning hopes and expectations for next semester. Upload video to your YouTube Channel. Edit your video using title slides, music, annotations, etc. Share with the group. Make sure to use the tag D230. Email a link to Lucy at 35
  40. 40. Additional Resources: ! Add your favorite educational YouTube videos to this crowdsourced list: ! ! Lucy’s YouTube Diigo Group: ! Lucy’s Google Custom Search on YouTube: ! Lucy’s YouTube Channel: 36 Email: lucy@lucygrayconsulting Twitter: elemenous YouTube: elemenous