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  • Thank you to everyone at EdWeb for making this partnership happen!
    I’m Lucy Gray. I’m a former classroom teacher and technology integration coach, now working as a consultant. One of these projects is the Consortium for School Networking’s Leadership for Mobile learning initiative which will be the focus of today’s webinar.
    First, I’d like to tell you about our partnership with EdWeb on Mobile Learning Explorations.
    I will follow with a brief overview of CoSN’s work in order to put LML in context.
    Then, I will tell you about the goals of our mobile learning initiative, followed by an overview of 5 schools we recently profiled in a case study.
    At the end of this webinar, we will have time for questions and answers!
  • There are several initiatives that CoSN has organized which have tools and case studies for 21st century school leaders.
  • So let’s talk about our mobile learning initiative a little more indepth.
  • We really want to this to be a robust and interactive initiative. We also believe in modeling the use of Web 2.0 tools for our membership.
  • EdWeb and CoSN are pleased to kick off this webinar series and Edweb community. Make sure to visit this site on an ongoing basis for additional resources and conversations. If you have follow up questions after this webinar, this is is a good place to engage with others.
  • Our most recent deliverable has been a set of case studies for the CoSN annual compendium.
  • Documentation
    Teacher Empowerment
    Moving to Android devices
  • iOS
    Teacher Empowerment
    Open Network
  • Strategic
    Changing pedagogy
  • Very casual
    Wanted to get ahead of the game
    Explore the problems
  • Lessons learned
  • CoSN BYOT Workshop - Lucy Gray

    1. 1. 1 Leadership for Mobile Learning Lucy Gray Project Director, CoSN Leadership for Mobile Learning
    2. 2. 2 About CoSN
    3. 3. CoSN Mission Empowering educational leaders to leverage technology to realize engaging learning environments. The primary challenge we face in using technology effectively in education is human, not technical. For that reason, CoSN focuses on Leadership and Policy.
    4. 4. CoSN 2012 – 2015 Goals 4 Close Access Gap: Increase awareness of requirements to close the technology access gap for learning inside and outside of school CTO Skills: Enhance the skills and competencies of CTOs and raise expectations as defined in the Framework of Essential Skills of the K-12 CTO and measured by certification Team Capacity: Build district-wide support for technology in education through strategic partnerships and professional learning opportunities Voice: Advocate for investments in education technology as a means of enhancing learning opportunities and driving economic growth State Capacity: Expand the capacity of CoSN chapters by enabling professional learning opportunities and developing ability to influence state policy
    5. 5. Leadership Initiatives
    6. 6. Taking TCO to the Classroom
    7. 7. VoI
    8. 8. Participatory Learning Suite of tools for education leaders on Participatory Learning: •Guide for Rethinking AUPs •Primer on Web 2.0 •Community Toolkit •Self Assessment
    9. 9. Connected Online Communities of Practice
    10. 10. Emerging Technologies Horizon Report: K-12 Edition Produced by New Media Consortium, in partnership with CoSN exploring key emerging technologies likely to have an impact on teaching and learning 2011 Time to Adoption Horizon: 1 Year or Less Cloud Computing Mobiles CoSN Horizon Toolkit with HP
    11. 11. Webinar Series 2011- 2012 Measuring Tech Readiness for 2014 Testing January 17 A New Culture of Learning Online Book Club February 16 Making the Connections in Mobile Learning April 17
    12. 12. Leadership for Mobile Learning
    13. 13. 4 •Visit our web site: •Network with other professionals interested in mobile learning in LinkedIn: •View the latest mobile learning news via Scoop.It: •Share resources via social bookmarking in our Diigo group: Participation & Collaboration
    14. 14. Mobile Learning Explorations
    15. 15. CoSN Compendium Case Studies St. Marys City Schools (OH) Canby School District (OR) Katy Independent School District (TX) Chicago Public Schools (IL) Osseo Area Public Schools (MN)
    16. 16. St. Marys City Schools
    17. 17. Canby School District
    18. 18. Katy Independent School District
    19. 19. Chicago Public Schools
    20. 20. Osseo Area Schools
    21. 21. 10 Planning Tips • Begin with a thorough knowledge of our school’s culture. • Create a strategic, multi-year plan. • Make sure to conduct total cost of ownership analyses. • Start with a pilot and expand on your successes. • Re-think your AUP.
    22. 22. 10 Planning Tips • Be creative with professional development. • Nurture your early adopters. • Ensure a robust network. • Enlist parents and community in supporting your program. • Focus on improving teaching and learning, not on devices.
    23. 23. Future Plans Mobile Learning Explorations webinars and community with EdWeb Administrator’s Guide to Mobile Learning Mobile Learning Map Panel presentations at the CoSN annual conference and ISTE Additional Case Studies, News and Resources
    24. 24. CEO Keith Krueger 2012 will be a tipping point for mobile learning, particularly with many districts allowing students to Bring Their Own Technology to school.” —Keith Krueger, CEO of the Consortium for School Networking, eSchoolNews
    25. 25. LML Admin Guide
    26. 26. Continue the conversation and view the webinar recordings… Join the community at: