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World Patterns


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A collection of various textile patterns from around the world. You may also use these designs as inspiration for prints, design, collage etc.

Published in: Education
  • Is there a time period range for these? Great collection of images!
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World Patterns

  1. 1. WorldPatterns: Polynesia, Indonesia, China, Japan, India & Pakistan, Persia, Sub-Sahara & North African, Pre-Columbian To be used as inspiration for textiles, printing, collage, design etc.
  2. 2. Polynesia
  3. 3. Indonesia
  4. 4. China
  5. 5. Japan
  6. 6. India & Pakistan
  7. 7. Persia
  8. 8. Sub-Sahara & North African
  9. 9. Pre-Columbian
  10. 10. Images have been scanned from the excellent book: 1000 Patterns by Drusilla Cole dp/0713667168
  11. 11. This slideshow is for educational purposes only.