What Makes a Good Visual Journal? (assessment examples)


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What Makes a Good Visual Journal? (assessment examples)

  1. 1. ?What Makesa GoodVisual Journal Assessment examples and feedback for students.
  2. 2. A successfuljournal will......draw on every page....attempt various drawing techniques that were used in class....consider and experiment with layout....title every page....use a dark pen or marker for lettering/handwriting....utilise colour....experiment with fonts and lettering and often mix and match them....will gather found objects and use them as layers or build   them into the composition....experiment and merge techniques and mediums on some pages....attempt to match text and drawing in most cases....show how the artist attempted to improve....reflect on experiences....add decorative techniques to enhance the appearance of the page.
  3. 3. An unsuccessfuljournal will......only do simple drawings in their book....resort to an elementary style of drawing, usually only with side profiles of objects....use only pencil....only use normal handwriting....rely only on photography....simply recount or summarise events to fill space....worry too much about what to draw.(Putting the time and effort in to draw well will show to the viewer)
  4. 4. View the followingjournal pageexamples. What level would you give the students on the rubric (TSC) and why?Where were the studentssuccessful/unsuccessful?
  5. 5. (photo purposefully blurred for online presentation purposes)
  6. 6. recycled papers used collage drawingSeveral techniques used. Orientation exploring with fonts and lettering of elements alsoexperimented with and page appears well balanced.
  7. 7. Interesting layout and composition created with layering also included.
  8. 8. Excellent layout and composition created with planned colour choice, lettering, paper and line drawing. Isadditional text required?
  9. 9. Good attempt at drawing with text alongside. Further experimentallettering could havebeen used for titling etc. Marker couldalso have been used over the painting.
  10. 10. Interesting drawing technique even though someelements are out ofperspective. Furtherwork could be done with decorativelettering in the title.Found paper objects could also have been included such as ticket stubs bringing it to a higher level.
  11. 11. Some interesting elements but further text and decorative techniques could be added.
  12. 12. More carefulcolouring, outlining and decorativelettering required.
  13. 13. Not enough drawing or decorativetechniques included.
  14. 14. Some basic drawingattempts made, but the lack of colourand lettering really stand out.
  15. 15. There is limitedlayout, lettering, drawing skill,composition and decorative techniques.
  16. 16. There is very limited layout, drawing skill, composition, decorativetechniques and text.
  17. 17. Remember,Visual Journals have:•drawings•collage•recycled papers•colour•decorative elements•text etc.
  18. 18. Take the time to do good work and it will show.Apply the techniques learnt in class.
  19. 19. Good Luck!
  20. 20. *for educational purposes* Frank Curkovic