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The Super Awesome Grade 8 art Character Design Challenge


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The Super Awesome Grade 8 art Character Design Challenge

  1. 1. The Super Awesome Grade 8 Art Character Design Challenge
  2. 2. Task: You work for the Cartoon Network. They have asked you to create a cartoon character for a new animated series. You have 20minutes to create your character. GO!
  3. 3. Gallery Walk: Take a look at all the characters created in class. Which ones were done well?
  4. 4. Was the task easy to understand? Why or why not?
  5. 5. What were your expectations from the teacher or for the task?
  6. 6. What do you think were the teacher, or employer expectations?
  7. 7. What could have improved the task?
  8. 8. Investigation Designing Planning Creating Evaluating
  9. 9. Investigate: •What kind of character should I create? •What should my character look like or reflect? •What is the role of my character? •Who is the intended audience for my character? •Will there be any available tools or limitations to create my character?
  10. 10. Design: •What should my character look like? •What should my character be made from? •How do I make the most important aspects of my character visible? •How do I arrange these elements to convey information and look good? •What further elements do I need to consider (age, gender, costume, pose etc)?
  11. 11. Plan: •How will I go about fulfilling my design? •What tools will I use? •What materials are available to me? •Who can teach me to use these tools? •What do I need to do first, second etc?
  12. 12. Create: •How effectively am I able to follow my plan? •How effectively can I solve the problem?
  13. 13. Evaluate: •Does my character do what it is supposed to do? •Have I included all the relevant characteristics? •Is the information clear? •Is the most important information the most noticeable? •Does my character draw attention? •Was my process effective?