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Introduction To Portrait Painting Presentation


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This is an introduction to portrait painting for grade 6 art students.

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Introduction To Portrait Painting Presentation

  1. 1. Portrait Painting an introduction
  2. 2. When you woke up this morning, what sortsee? of person did you Grumpy? Smiling?
  3. 3. Do you think youraway what reflection gives ? you are like as a person
  4. 4. Can posture give meaning in a portrait?
  5. 5. Can facial expressions give meaning in a portrait?
  6. 6. Can colour give meaning in a portrait?
  7. 7. Can the inclusion of possessions or surroundings give meaning in a portrait?
  8. 8. Do they tell you what the artist is interested in?
  9. 9. How else can artists show how they are feeling?
  10. 10. ? How can we read a painting
  11. 11. Look at this portrait by Van Gogh.
  12. 12. How does the swirly background show how he is feeling?
  13. 13. Have you ever seen a portrait that has more than a person’s face?
  14. 14. ? Why do artists do this
  15. 15. Compare these two pieces:
  16. 16. How can artists show themselves in imaginary ways? "Bonaparte Crossing the Alps" Jacques Louis David
  17. 17. Native art uses a lot of animal imagery. “Spirit of the Warrior” Joanne Victoria Moore "Two Wolves and the Moon" David Bell “Those of Keen Sight” Kent Burles
  18. 18. Artists also distort facial features (Picasso, Modigliani) to enhance, comment or create a tone.
  19. 19. How do artists use self-portraits to celebrate an event, a talent or status? Albrecht Durer
  20. 20. Did you know, Rembrandt painted himself 80 times at different stages of his life!
  21. 21. Artists may also show what they were like in the past, as well as what they are like now. “I and the Village” Marc Chagall 1911
  22. 22. ? How can you use pose, brushwork, colour or background to show your character, your likes, your fears, your mood, your beliefs or a talent in your self-portrait
  23. 23. View other portrait paintings here: 20painting/