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Booze trolley official report


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Booze trolley official report

  1. 1. Booze Trolley Official Report10.11.12GOTHAM INC.
  2. 2. Trolley began with a Total Kitchen Domination (TKD) by Patrick Walsh.
  3. 3. Then Marty made Apple Cobblers.
  4. 4. And gave one to Kate
  5. 5. who had forgotten about her aversion to bourbon.
  6. 6. Then we ate brats and cheese and stuff.
  7. 7. This continued for quite some time.
  8. 8. A foosball game broke out and Nate silently judged Adrian’s technique.
  9. 9. Then Natalie did her “multiple dimensions” party trick where she warps time and space.
  10. 10. And everyone tried to fly.