5 Ways Nintendo Screwed Up the Wii U Before Launch


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I can’t hate Nintendo and you can’t hate Nintendo. We can get frustrated at them for the small things they’ve done such as their failure to adopt a user-friendly online system, their awful third party relations, or their shift towards a more casual audience. In the end though, I can’t hate Nintendo. They’re a gaming company that is about making good games. I still have fond memories of Mega Man X, Super Mario 64, and hours of Smash Bros. with friends. I love and greatly appreciate what Nintendo has given it’s fans, consumers, and the game industry the past 30+ years.

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5 Ways Nintendo Screwed Up the Wii U Before Launch

  1. 1. Home R4i 3DS Knowledge Base Categories R4i 3DS Knowledge Base Search... 5 pT o 0 OS I4 ND R F3 Ide e r c w S Sony PlayStation Mobile still aims to take on Android and iOS gamese ro f eB Rumors: Microsoft Surface for Windows RT tablet coming October 26th for $199 Posted by elektronichouse on August 14, 2012 at 2:59 am Connect your Android phone with a PS3 controller Google Nexus 7 beats iPad reasons How to buy an best electronic cigarettes Nokia Windows 8 Smartphone Prototype Picture Leaked Standing Up - A Whole New Way To Play Video Games Top 10 Video Game Covers Mass Effect 3 Getting Leviathan DLC, Hits Nintendo Wii U at Launch FIFA 13 for Nintendo Wii U has touch screen passing PDFmyURL.com
  2. 2. I can’t hate Nintendo and you can’t hate Nintendo. We can get frustrated at them for the smallthings they’ve done such as their failure to adopt a user- friendly online system, their awful third O P T S R C EN Tparty relations, or their shift towards a more casual audience. In the end though, I can’t hateNintendo. They’re a gaming company that is about making good games. I still have fondmemories of Mega Man X, Super Mario 64, and hours of Smash Bros. with friends. I love and Streaming media from PC togreatly appreciate what Nintendo has given it’s fans, consumers, and the game industry the TV with Xbox ...past 30+ years. Aug 17 No CommentsBUT… New Super Mario Bros. 2Nintendo is launching their new console Wii U this fall. I’m personally not hyped for it. I know download availab...many people aren’t hyped at all. After Nintendo confused everyone with the Wii U’s reveal at E3 Aug 16 No Comments2011, they followed it up with an even more confusing “Re- reveal” at E3 2012. Why is it that theWii U is not getting the amount of hype the other Nintendo consoles had? The answer to that Darksiders II X360 & PS3question is obvious. Limited Ed... Aug 15 No CommentsR4i 1.4.3 NINTENDO + 8 gb Top 5 Ways Nintendo Screwed Up the Wii U... Aug 14 No Comments Nintendo Wii U GamePad is NOT a tablet c... Aug 13 No Comments S E G E T C A OR INintendo screwed up.Whether they’re confusing their casual audience, or disappointing hardcore fans. Nintendo has Android Tabletsmessed up many key factors in making sure the Wii U will be successful come launch. I’m not Dual Sim Cell Phonesaying the Wii U won’t be successful (Hell, people laughed at the Wii in 2006 and look how that E3 2012thing sold.), but Nintendo’s lack of focus with the Wii U might be its downfall come the winter. elektronichouse.com PDFmyURL.com
  3. 3. M3 M3 DS micro SD card mobile games Modifica Nintendo Nintendo 3DS Nintendo 3DS Games Nintendo DSi XL Playstation PS3 Break PS3 R4 R4 3DS R4 CardHere are 5 Ways Nintendo screwed up the Wii U before launch. R4 Nintendo 3DS R4 Nintendo DS5) Pricing and Release Dat e. R4 SDHC Card R4i R4i 3DS R4i 3DS Cards R4i Gold card R4i Nintendo 3DS Uncategoriz ed Video Games News Xbox 360 Xbox 360 Pro I’m so glad this is fake. My wallet was O G L B R L O Lcrying.Nintendo could have advertisements everywhere right now for the Wii U, but instead we haven’t Android Tabletheard much about it since June. We are about 3 months away from launch and we don’t even Auricolari Bluetooth Beats by Dr. Dreknow how much it’s going to cost, or when it’s coming out. This is a big problem because Cellulari Dual Sim PDFmyURL.com
  4. 4. Nintendo can’t advertise their new console till it’s too late! Instead of rolling the hype train Cellulari Dual Sim Blogthrough and marketing the Wii U like they should. Nintendo has secluded to their vacuum and is MP3 Waterproof Subacqueokeeping all their consumers in the dark. We hear rumors here and there about the price and Nintendo 3D Consolesrelease date, but rumors are just rumors. Nintendo just needs to tell us the price and release Playstation PS3 Breakdate already so they can promote their product, since much of their casual audience doesn’t R4 3DSeven know it exists! R4, R4i, Nintendo 3DS Resource4 ) Third Part y Disast er Part II. R4i R4i 3DS R4i 3DS News and Reviews Vendita elettronica online Xbox 360 Pro G A T S Android Device Angry Birds Angry Birds game Angry Birds Space Caricatore Controller Wii wait…didn’t I play this last DSiWare E3 E3 2012 M3 Marioyear? Kart 7 Mass Effect 3 NewIwat a: Crap guys. Everyone’s pissed at us for our treatment of third party developers on the Super Mario Bros. 2Wii. How we going to fix this guys!? Reggie! Do you have any ideas? Nintendo Nintendo(Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils- Aime turns around in his chair. He has an eye 3DS Nintendo 3DS Gamepatch.) Nintendo 3DS GamesReggie: My body is ready. Nintendo 3DS VirtualIwat a: …*facepalm* Console Nintendo 3DS XL(Then from the dark abyss of the hallway the executives hear the faint noise of Miyamoto) Nintendo DS Nintendo DSiMiyamot o: Nanananananananananananananananananananana BATMAN! Nintendo DS Lite PDFmyURL.com
  5. 5. (Miyamoto bursts into the conference room in a full Batman costume and jumps on the table) Nintendo R4 3DS XL NintendoIwat a: My god…that’s it! BATMAN! R4 DS Nintendo R4i 3DS Nintendo Wii U PlayStation 3End Scene. PlayStation 3 Break PlayStation PS3 Playstation PS3 Break R4 3DS Xl R4 for Nintendo DS Lite R4 Nintendo 3DS R4 SDHC R4 SD HC for Nintendo DS Lite R4 SD HC Upgrade R4i R4i 1.4.3 Nintendo R4i 1.4.3 Nintendo 3DS R4i Gold card R4i Xl Sony PlayStation Vita Watch Dogs Wii Wii U Xbox 360 Mario Kart by DayBatmobile by NightNintendo had to quickly turn around their relations with third party developers after the Wiireceived disappointing ports of third party games. This year they revealed all their amaz ingthird party improvements: Batman Arkham City, Mass Effect 3 , Darksiders 2, and Ninja Gaiden 3etc. Um…Nintendo? I played all these games already on other consoles this past year. By thetime the Wii U launches, Darksiders 2 would have been out for three months. Even the newgames such as Assassin’s Creed 3 is going to have a stronger release on Xbox and PS3 dueto more established fan base on those consoles. Nintendo’s solution to the Wii getting “Badyear- old third party ports,” has been “Bad year- old third party ports,” for the Wii U. With theexception of Rayman Legends and maybe ZombiU (dumb name), Nintendo is looking at fallinginto the same problem they had with the Wii.3) Where are t he Nint endo games and Ret ro St udios!? PDFmyURL.com
  6. 6. sigh…My reaction to the Nintendo- made games at their 2012 E3 press conference was as followed,“Yes Pikmin 3!” and then I fell asleep from boredom. They announced a new “New Super MarioBros.” game, which looks exactly like the game I played 3 years ago, and they announced…uh…Nintendoland. Hardcore Nintendo fans were very disappointed with the press conference andso was I. No new Zelda, Metroid, Donkey Kong, F- Zero, or Starfox. Nintendo, just because youhave a new console doesn’t mean you “Have to have a new Mario Game.” (Reggie actuallysaid that during the press conference…ugh.) This, my readers is called “Uninspired.” You don’tmake a Mario game because you HAVE TO. You make it because you WANT TO. The bigdisappointment for me though was the absence of Retro Studios. One of Nintendo’s mostsuccessful developers was strangely missing from the E3 festivities this past June. Retro hasbeen hard at work on “something” since 2010’s Donkey Kong Country Returns and whatever itis should have at least been teased at E3. With Nintendo’s lackluster showing back in June, alittle Retro Studio magic was definitely needed. PDFmyURL.com
  7. 7. Makers of the critically acclaimed“Metroid Prime” series and “Donkey Kong Country Returns”2&1) The name “Wii U” and t he conf usion amongst Nint endo’s t arget audiences. (inserts witty commentabout how dumb and misleading this name is.)It’s best to mix these two topics together since they go hand in hand. Nintendo’s announcementof the Wii U didn’t explode the hype or cause people to jump with joy in Mario suits. It leftpeople going, “What?” If Nintendo is trying to recapture the hardcore gamer and third partydevelopers, then why did they name it similar to the Wii? Hardcore gamers don’t want anythingto do with the “childish, grandma’s toy” that was the Wii. So why would Nintendo keep the name“Wii” in Wii U, if they were trying to win back that audience? They’ve only pushed the hardcoreaudience further away. Especially when you look at the Wii U’s “year late” third party line- up. Italso causes problems with their casual audience as well. The average casual gamer will see PDFmyURL.com
  8. 8. the Wii U and think, ”Oh Nintendo made an Ipad add- on for the Wii.” or “I already have a Wii Idon’t need another.” When I talked with my aunt about the Wii U discussing possible Christmasgifts for her son she said, “Oh I didn’t know Nintendo had a scholarship program.” It finally hitme that many people have no clue what the Wii U actually is. The casual audience for the mostpart doesn’t even know it exists since there’s no promotion and marketing. Nintendo’s failure toconvey their new product to it’s audience is the biggest reason they’ve screwed up the Wii Ubefore launch and I honestly can’t feel bad for them because they had a free pass! They hadSony and Microsoft take a step back (“PS4” and “NextBox 720” will most likely be announcednext year) and Nintendo took center stage with the Wii U. Nintendo didn’t have any competitionwhen it came to getting people hyped for the Wii U, and they instead alienated and confusedtheir audience even more. We gave you the spotlight.You gave us Nintendoland…I still can’t hate Nintendo. I know their heart is in the right place, but with the Wii U they seem tobe unfocused and confused themselves about how to sell their product to customers. I hopethey get their act together and save the Wii U before launch because it does look like anincredible piece of hardware with many unearthed possibilities and great games on the horiz on.Right now, however the Wii U looks like an unnecessary piece of plastic that won’t be in myalready crowded living room. PDFmyURL.com
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  10. 10. Post Comment3rp4-hrrc dis is -4t 4e t i pfsngotc osbbr, a reoaa3sr io 4 d l u d i nr ansu io o dor fmnr c iae e tOPSTRC E N T CT O MR M C E N T S N E N O G LI If you have an account with us, you can safely Streaming media from PC to TV with Top 5 Ways Nintendo Screwed Up the Wii U login with the form below. Xbox ... Before Launch - R4 - R4i - R4i 3DS Tech Tips Aug 17 No Comments says: [...] games. This year they revealed all enter your username their amaz ing third party improvements: Batman enter your password New Super Mario Bros. 2 download Arkham City, Mass Effect 3, Darksiders 2, ... Submit Forgot your password? availab... 3 days ago Aug 16 No Comments Nintendo Wii U GamePad is NOT a tablet R A E S C H Darksiders II X360 & PS3 Limited controller - R4 - R4i - R4i 3DS Tech Tips says: Ed... [...] that did went about it in a way that was enter your search Aug 15 No Comments almost exactly like something you’d find in a Submit Nintendo 3DS game. ... 4 days ago Nintendo Wii U GamePad is NOT a tablet controller - R4 - R4i - R4i 3DS Tech Tips says: [...] who has used the Wii U GamePad should be able to tell you that it’s not a tablet device. ... PDFmyURL.com
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