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Top Ten Children’s Nintendo DSi Games


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Top 10 Nintendo DSi Games for Kids - When I started bringing together my list of the top ten children’s Nintendo DSi games I had to consider many different angles. Ranging from education to entertainment, I scoured the Children’s DSi games to bring you the very best Nintendo DS games for children.

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Top Ten Children’s Nintendo DSi Games

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  2. 2. 09 MAR Top 10 Nintendo DSi Games for KidsTop Ten Children’s DSi GamesWhen I started bringing to gether my list o f the to p ten children’s Nintendo DSi games I had to co nsider manydifferent angles. Ranging fro m educatio n to entertainment, I sco ured the Children’s DSi games to bring yo u thevery best Nintendo DS games fo r children.Choosing the Right Childrens DSi GameI will be listing the to p ten children’s DSi games here in this magnificent selectio n, ho wever so me will besuitable fo r bo ys, o thers, girls, and so me will be suitable fo r bo th.Cho o sing the right DSi Game fo r yo ur child is no t as simple as gender, remember to cho o se a game whichlo o ks suitable fo r yo ur child’s age, and mentality. It is also impo rtant to co nsider exactly what yo u want o ut the RSS FEEDDSi game. So me are fantastic fo r impro ving yo ur children’s basic mental skills, o thers will impro ve theirkno wledge o n certain aspects o f life, and so me just entertain. The best Nintendo DSi games fo r children mix Subscribe to feedentertainment with kno wledge and mental skill building, witho ut o verlo ading the child. get the latest updates!There are tho usands o f children’s Nintendo DS games o ut there fo r yo u to cho o se fro m, Making the rightdecisio n can no t o nly be time co nsuming, but do wnright difficult! VENDITA ELETTRONICA ONLINEThe Top Ten Children’s DSi GamesSo witho ut further ado , lets start with number ten o n o ur exceptio nal list o f children’s DSi games! Vendita elettro nica o nline, vendita pro do tti di elettro nica o nline | Elektro nicho mChicken Shoot DSi
  3. 3. BLOGROLL Nintendo R4 R4i 3DS Card R4i 3ds PER NINTENDO 3ds Vendita elettro nica o nline RECENT POSTS To p 10 Nintendo DSi Games fo r Kids R4 Nintendo DS – What is Nintendo DSi R4Best Childrens DSi Game Chicken Sho o t R4 3DS Card As Children Gift10) Chicken Shoot R4 DS advantages and different featuresTo start o ff my list o f the to p ten children’s DSi games, I will be go ing fo r pure entertainment. R4i 3DS Info – Nintendo News Extravaganza Mo difica per nintendo DS, DSi, DSXL, 3DS – R4,Chicken sho o t is a great DSi game, which I even find slightly addictive myself. If yo u are lo o king fo r so mething R4i Revo lutio nto keep the kids quite (this is primarily a bo ys dsi game) then Chicken Sho o t fo r the DSi will keep yo ur children So ny PS Vita e le memo ry card da 32 Gb in arrivoo ccupied at ho me, o r o n the mo ve.With several different game mo des, scenario s, and 2-4 player co -o perative mo des, chicken sho o t is a greatchildrens dsi game! R4 R4I 3DS RESOURCESChicken sho o t DSi brings to gether a highly humo ro us carto o n based quick sho o ter, while it is mo stly fo r 3DS Change for nintendo DS DSi DSi XL DSXLentertainment it is also a great way to impro ve yo ur child’s reflexes with the Nintendo DSi! Espansioni Memoria Nintendo R4 R4i 3ds fake R4i How toBarbie Island Princess for the Nintendo DS distinguish the fake R4i Modifica Nintendo Nintendo Nintendo DS Nintendo DS Card
  4. 4. Nintendo DS Nintendo DS Card Nintendo DSi Nintendo DSi R4 Nintendo News Extravaganz a Nintendo R4 3DS PlayStation PS3 Break Play Station VITA ps3 break ps3break R4 R4 3DS Card R4 DS R4 DS Carta R4 Ds Gold R4 NDS Lite R4 Nintendo R4 Nintendo DS R4 per DS Lite R4 R4DS Card R4 Revolution R4 Revolution for DS R4i R4i 3DS R4i 3DS Card Knowledge Base R4i 3DS Cards R4i 3DS Functions R4i 3DS Info R4i Card R4i gold 3ds flashcard R4i SDHC Cards R4i SDHC DS Card Sony hanno toppato stavolta Video Games9) Barbie – Island PrincessBarbie – Island Princess is a great way to keep yo ur daughter o ccupied with this great girls DSi game. Thisgame inco rpo rates quite a few puzzles to keep yo ur child thinking, while at the same time bo asting animpressive musical sco re and cute characters. This co mpelling blend makes Barbie – Island Princess o ne o fthe best girls DSi games o n the market to day.Barbie Island Princess fo r the Nintendo DSi has a heartwarming sto ry which is exceptio nally well to ld in thisadventure game fo r girls. The o nly do wnside is that after this has been co mpleted two o r three times it do eslo se re-playability value, a co mmo n pro blem with adventure games. I wo uld no t wo rry abo ut this to o muchtho ugh, as this game will take a lo ng time fo r yo ur daughter to wo rk thro ugh, even if she stays with her eyesglued to her DSi. Playmobil Pirates and Knights on the DSiWhile this is technically two games, bo th Playmo bil Pirates and Playmo bil Knights are so me o f the bestchildren’s DSi games to be released this Christmas (20 0 9 ) They bo th have simple gameplay yet intricate plo tsto keep yo u interested!The Playmo bil brand has been taken fro m its inceptio n as a hands o n to y, to o ne o f the leading po rtable DSi
  5. 5. Childrens games. I have to admit I have spent mo re than a few ho urs o n my o ld DS with the previo us gamesfro m Playmo bil at a friends ho use.In Playmo bil Knights fo r the DSi yo u go fro m a humble farmer to the weilder o f magical weapo ns and co ntro llero f drago ns.Playmo bil Pirates seems to aim fo r slightly o lder children o n the DSi, with mo re co mplex gameplay, minimissio ns, ship upgrades, trading and mo re!Bo th o f these games make great children’s gifts, and easily make it in to my to p ten childrens DSi games!R4i 1.4.3 NINTENDO + 8 gb7) Pony Luv on the DSiFo r the yo ung girls in yo ur life who are pestering yo u fo r a pet, get them a Po ny!While this great girls DSi game may no t be as go o d as a real Po ny, yo ur daughter will lo ve this to p DSi game. inPo ny Luv DS yo u can raise yo ur po ny, enter it in sho ws, races and co mpetitio ns, and eventually get yo ur po nyto the to p do g spo t.While this is no t perso nally my cup o f tea, these pet care games are generally a great way to keep theyo ungsters entertained, and maybe they will learn a thing o r two in the pro cess!6) Harry Potter – Years 1 to 4
  6. 6. While I am no t usually a fan o f games ripped fro m films, I was pleasantly surprised by the demo o f Harry Po tterfo r the DSi (The full game can be pre-o rdered fo r Christmas with the Amazo n Price Guarantee!). The HarryPo tter game fo r the DSi bo asts a lo ng, humo ro us sto ry line, regular plo t twists and lo vable characters.While magic and wizards may no t be every child’s cup o f tea, Harry Po tter fo r the DSi will delight any child, bo yo r girl, who fo llo ws the wizards sto ry. With it’s enchanting play style and cut-scenes, no t to mentio n graphicsthat really sho w the po wer o f the DSi, Harry Po tter is o ne o f the great DSi gam e sto add to yo ur co llectio n.5) Looney Tunes Cartoon ConductorI have to admit being rather biased in this cho ice, I lo ved the Lo o ney Tunes characters when I was little, and stilllo ve them to this day. Never the less, the Lo o ney Tunes Carto o n Co nducto r is a great addictive game fo r yo urkids, mixing carto o n fun with musical mayhem to endear yo ur children to o ne o f the greatest artistic genres.While Lo o ney Tunes Carto o n Co nducto r (Also kno wn as lo o ney Tunes Carto o n Co ncerto ) is a brilliant DS andDSi game, it do es no t fit all children, so me do find it rather tedio us o r bo ring, fo rtunately o nce the kids havego ne to bed yo u can give it a go to o !4) New Super Mario Bros.The New Super Mario bro thers game fo r the DSi might no t be that new anymo re, but it is an amazing game thatany child will lo ve. It’s simple yet addictive gameplay sho o ts the new super mario bro s. to wards the to p o f mychildren’s DSi games list.New Super Mario Bro s. DSi is a great game where yo u will have to sto mp yo ur way to wards the end o f thegame. It also includes a who le raft o f po wer-ups to help yo u co mplete the game with style.3) Th!nk Logic Brain Trainer for KidsI have always been a fan o f brain trainer DSi games, and this is no exceptio n. Think Lo gic Brain Trainer fo r Kidsis a great children’s brain trainer. In fact Th!nk Lo gic Brain Trainer fo r Kids is o ne o f the o nly children’s braintrainers available o n the Nintendo DSi.Brain Trainers are very impo rtant to help yo ung children’s minds gro w, especially with all the distractio ns into day’s mo dern wo rld. Since Th!nk Lo gic Children’s Brain Trainer fo r kids is targeted just at children they willno t feel o verawed by any functio n o f the Brain Training DSi game
  7. 7. Think Lo gic Trainer fo r kids is a great way to keep yo ur children o ccupied, and increase their mental skills, all ino ne cheap package!2) Pokemon SoulSilver DSiPo kemo n So ulSilver is the latest in the Po kemo n series, and pro mises to o ffer a huge range o f multi-playero ptio ns as well as new Po kemo n and regio ns.While I have used Po kemo n So ul Silver in my to p ten children’s DSi games list, Po kemo n Platinum, o r anyo ther Po kemo n game, are equally entertaining to any yo ung perso n!Po kemo n o ffers unlimited gameplay, with hundreds o f Po kemo n to catch, and millio ns o f tactics to help build ateam which will defeat any o ther Po kemo n player.Learn Science, Learn Maths, Learn Geography, Learn More!The Learn Series on DSIThe Learn Series o n the DSi co vers to pics fro m Maths and science to geo graphy. With the Learn series yo urchild can use the Nintendo DSi to rapidly learn abo ut the wo rld aro und them. With an inbuilt age checker thelearn series will pro vide ho urs o f entertainment and educatio n!
  8. 8. I have placed the Learn games o n the DSi at the number o ne spo t o n my list because they are educatio nal, funand tailo red fo r whichever age gro up yo u need. These amazing educatio nal to o ls will help bo o st yo ur childthro ugh educatio n, no matter what their age!If yo u are lo o king fo r the perfect educatio nal DSi game then yo u can get no better than the learn serieseducatio nal Nintendo DS games!Related articles To p 10 Nintendo DSi Games (iblo Must Have Nintendo DS Games 20 12 R4i best is the R4 Silver can be used o n all the ho sts (iblo Filed under - elektro nicho m, Mo difica Nintendo , Nintendo DS, Nintendo DSi Games, R4, R4 DS No Co mmentsTags: Barbie - Island Princess, Nintendo DS, Nintendo DSi, Nintendo DSi Games, Nintendo DSi Games fo rKids, R4i 1.4.3 NINTENDOLEAVE A REPLYName (required) NameE-mail (required) Email
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