Top 3 Educational Nintendo Wii Games for Kids


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Take it from a former 1st grade teacher: keeping kids engaged is tough!

With Smartphones, laptops, iPads, TV, and countless other distractions, getting kids’ attention when it comes to learning can be a daunting task. But….it’s possible!

With the help of a little technology, kids are learning new concepts and skills at a ridiculous rate. Check out the top 3 educational Wii games for kids to learn more.

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Top 3 Educational Nintendo Wii Games for Kids

  1. 1. Home R4i 3DS Knowledge Base Categories R4i 3DS Knowledge Base Search... cu E 3 d 0 OS I4 ND R F3 Im i iaG W 10 Most Popular Facebook Pages List nr aeL How to Make Android Device Look Exactly Like An iPhone 5 Best Free Apps For Playing and Posted by elektronichouse on May 21, 2012 at 6:17 am Managing Your Music Great Phone Apps That Let You Do
  2. 2. Great Phone Apps That Let You Do the Impossible 5 Best BlackBerry Apps For Moms Top 3 Bluetooth Headsets on The Market Microsoft may restrict users to one browser on Windows 8 Tablet PCs Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich quietly rolling out to international Galaxy Note Samsung Galaxy S3 will change the mobile game 15 Things To Do With Sony PlayStation 3 O P T S R C EN TTake it from a former 1 st grade teacher: keeping kids engaged is tough!With Smartphones, laptops, iPads, TV, and countless other distractions, getting kids’ attention 3 Educational Nintendo Wiiwhen it comes to learning can be a daunting task. But….it’s possible! Games for Kid... May 21With the help of a little technology, kids are learning new concepts and skills at a ridiculous rate. No CommentsCheck out the top 3 educational Wii games for kids to learn more.Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree Video Games News – Steam launches ...
  3. 3. Steam launches ... May 18 No Comments R4i SDHC With NDS Compatibility... May 17 No Comments Spot Fake R4i Cards Instructions... May 16 No Comments If you’re looking for some serious educationalWii gaming, Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree game is a great option. It includes 3 multi- player Top 12 Best Facebookmodes for up to 8 players, and centers around these 5 areas: analysis, number crunching, Games...memory, quick thinking, and visual recognition. May 15According to one happy reviewer, this game is great for the entire family – not just kids: No Comments“This game is so awesome ….our 5 and 6 year old daughters love it…we have had Wii Gamenights with my parents, our kids and us, and it’s fun for every age.” S E G E T C A OR IThis game features 15 brain- challenging activities that you play with the Wii remote. Sounds likea great way to keep your kids learning, while engaging the entire family – from the comfort of Android Tabletsyour living room. Dual Sim Cell PhoneEndless Ocean: Dive, Discover, Dream M3If you like Big Brain Academy, here’s another educational video game experience to bring into M3 DSyour living room: Endless Ocean: Dive,Discover, Dream Wii game. micro SD card
  4. 4. mobile games Modifica Nintendo Nintendo 3DS Nintendo 3DS Games Nintendo DSi XL Playstation PS3 Break R4 R4 3DS R4 Card R4 Nintendo 3DS R4 Nintendo DS R4 SDHC Card R4i R4i 3DSUsing the Wii remote, this Wii game allows you to “swim through coral reefs, explore ancient R4i 3DS Cardsshipwrecks, meet local wildlife, and more.” R4i Gold cardWhile you’re exploring, you can find, identify, and catalogue all kinds of marine life, at your own R4i Nintendo 3DSpace. Video Games News Xbox 3603 Waterproof SubacqueoLettore MP3 subacqueo O G L B R L O L Android Tablet Auricolari Bluetooth Beats by Dr. Dre Cellulari Dual Sim Cellulari Dual Sim Blog MP3 Waterproof Subacqueo Nintendo 3D Consoles Playstation PS3 BreakCheck out t his posit ive review: R4 3DS R4, R4i, Nintendo 3DS Resource
  5. 5. R4, R4i, Nintendo 3DS Resource“All- in- all, I would recommend this game as an experience. It is relaxing and will be intriguing to R4ianyone who is interested in aquatic life. It’s a welcome change of pace from violence and R4i 3DSfrenetic cartoon action, and it’s educational. I like that my kids spend time immersed in a virtual R4i 3DS News and Reviewsworld that celebrates the wonders of our planet and focuses them on cooperation and Vendita elettronica onlinecoexistence, instead of always conflict and violence.” Xbox 360 ProBased on 112 5- star reviews, it looks like this Wii game is entertaining, educational, andengaging for children of all ages. G A T SSesame St reet : Elmo’s A t o Zoo Advent ureNow you just can’t go wrong with Elmo, can you? He’s been around for years, and continues to Android Tablet devices cameraphone Cuffieentertain in even more ways as technology progresses. Mp3 bluetooth Download Nintendo DS Games DS game elektronichouse.comIf your child loves Elmo, Sesame Street: Elmo’s A to Zoo Adventure is worth a try. This game Instagram Instagram For Android Instagramteaches letters through engaging mini- games, and adapts to your child’s level based on his or For Android Quick look M3 M3 + Penninoher performance. per DS Lite M3 DS Make R4i Work on Nintendo DSi Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Micro SD Sandisk Nintendo Nintendo 3D Console Nintendo 3DS Nintendo DS Nintendo DSi Nintendo DS Lite Nintendo R4 DS Nintendo Wii Pennino per DS Lite Play NES Games PlayStation 3 Put Music on Your R4 R4 for Nintendo DS Lite R4 I 1.4.3 R4 Nintendo 3DS R4DS Cards R4i R4iA cool feature of the game: you can drop in and assist your child using the second Wii remote. 1.4.3 Nintendo R4i 3DS R4i 3DS Card R4iThat way he or she can learn and interact with Elmo independently; but with your help when 3DS Cards R4i 3DS Carta R4i Cartaneeded, he or she won’t get stuck on more difficult concepts for too long. R4i Gold card R4i websiteOne happy reviewer s ays: Run GBA Games on M3 DS Spot Fake
  6. 6. “We got this game for our 2- year- old….she definitely needs a lot of help to get started and Clone of R4i 3DS Cards Tips Wii Wii U some of the concepts are still too difficult for her, but the game seems to recogniz e when she’s making a lot of mistakes and makes the answers fall right into her hands. She gets excited because the characters in the game cheer for her. This isn’t going to be something you can let your child under 4 or 5 play independently, but I don’t feel that they should be expected to. It’s a great game to play together!” From big brain challenges, to endless ocean adventures, to playtime with Elmo, these Wii games will keep your kids engaged, and learning – while creating a fun activity for the whole family. Like Twe e t 0 1 1 Post ed in Android Tablets, Dual Sim Cell Phone,, mobile games, Modifica Nintendo, R4i 3DS, Video Games News Tags: Educational Nintendo Wii Games, Lettore MP3 subacqueo, Wii, Wii Degree, Wii Gamesylp a ea e e R vL Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked * Full Name * Email Address *
  7. 7. Website URL Type your comment... Post Comment3rp4-hrrc dis is -4t 4e t i pfsngotc osbbr, a reoaa3sr io 4 d l u d i nr ansu io o dor fmnr c iae e tOPSTRC E N T CT O MR M C E N T S N E N O G LI If you have an account with us, you can safely 3 Educational Nintendo Wii Games Reset an R4i Gold Guide - R4 - R4i - R4i 3DS login with the form below. for Kid... Tech Tips says: [...] DSi is the latest iteration of May 21 No Comments the insanely popular 2D hand- held, the enter your username Nintendo R4 DS. An interesting peripheral enter your password Video Games News – Steam device ... Submit Forgot your password? launches ... 12 days ago
  8. 8. May 18 No Comments Choosing Nintendo 3DS Games Tips: R A E S C H R4i SDHC With NDS Compatibility... SpongeBob Comes to 3DS « Wholesale R4i May 17 No Comments 3DS – says: [...] How to enter your search Keep Your Kids Quiet During the Summer Submit Holidays Nintendo 3d [...] 19 days ago Running GBA Games on M3 DS Instructions - R4 - R4i - R4i 3DS Tech Tips says: [...] Playing NES Games on Your Nintendo 3DS Guide [...] 31 days agoAll content Copyright © 2012 R4 - R4i - R4i 3DS Tech Tips. All Rights Reserved.