Microsoft next-generation Kinect sensor will be capable of detect eye movement


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Microsoft's next-generation Kinect sensor will be capable of detecting a user's eye movements, according to a new report.

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Microsoft next-generation Kinect sensor will be capable of detect eye movement

  1. 1. Visit o rs who re ad t his b lo g also re ad ... I like t his b lo g Search for ok r4i-3dsT hursday 11 april 2013Next-gen Kinect will integrate with controls over next XboxTV service Microsoft Next-gen Kinect will detect eye movement Microsofts next-generation Kinect sensor will be capable of detecting a users eye movements, according to a new report. Overview Citing multiple sources familiar Blo g : R4, R4i, Nintendo 3DS News and Review with the companys Xbox plans, T he Verge reports that the new Kinect sensor will tie into the firms focus on T V with the new console. It claims that the sensor will keep track of multiple users, and eye
  2. 2. tracking will allow it to pause media content when a user looks away from the screen. T he report says that T V will be a major focus of the next-generation Categ o ry : R4i R4i 3DS R4 DS Nintendo DS R4 console, which will apparently be capable of receiving a cable box signal Games via a HDMI input, and overlaying its own user interface. Des c riptio n : Professional video g ames blog about R4i 3DS Information, R4 R4i 3DS Tech According to the report, the functionality will be available at launch, but Tips by extended support for additional cable services will be rolled out post- Share this blog launch. Back to homepag e T his comes after reports earlier today which claimed that - contrary to Contact previous rumour - the new Xbox will not require an always-on internet connection to load local games and content, and will provide backwards compatibility for retail Xbox 360 games via an add-on in the form of a new, small Xbox 360 -capable set-top media device. Create a blog Microsoft is widely tipped to be planning a next-gen Xbox reveal event in May. 0 Twe e t 0 Like 0 Share Mo re Like Send Sign Up to see what your friends like. Last articles Next-g en Kinect will integ rate with controls over next Xbox T V serviceBy e le ktro nicho use Xbo x 360 Po ste d in: xbo x 360 Nintendo Wii U Version of Need For SpeedEnte r co mme nt Unlikely To Get DLC Support Top Video Games News: future Pro Evolution Soccer installment will use Fox Eng inePrevious : HomeNintendo Wii U Version of Need For... XBLA hit is heading to Nintendo Wii U console Twisted Dream Heading to Nintendo Wii U eShop T he Adventures of Dash would be bound for Wii U eShop
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