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Hands on Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet PC


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Perhaps you remember Surface RT. It was Microsoft’s bid to become a legitimate computer hardware manufacturer—a Windows-based tablet with a clever, snappy, magnetically attached keyboard cover. It looked great. It felt great. It had all the pluck and presence of Grade A industrial design.

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Hands on Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet PC

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  2. 2. Perhaps you remember Surf ace RT. It was Microsof t’s bid to become a legitimate computer hardware manuf acturer—a Windows-based tablet witha clever, snappy, magnetically attached keyboard cover. It looked great. It felt great. It had all the pluck and presence of Grade A industrial design.Surf ace RT gave us the touch control of Microsof t’s modern U.I., but was also intended to serve as a solid, no-excuses PC productivity station.T he tablet even came with a starter version of Microsof t Of f ice to help f ulf ill that promise.But Surf ace RT was also laden with a crappy OS—hobbled by Windows RT and its “desktop as barren wasteland” conceit. And this is why I nowdiscuss Surf ace RT in the past-tense. It’s not a device that anyone can seriously consider. Not when there are so many worthy Windows 8Ultrabooks and hybrid designs to choose f rom.T he good money has always been on Surf ace Pro. It was announced right alongside Surf ace RT, with a promised release date of sometime in theneighborhood of January 26. Surf ace Pro is a slightly thicker, much more powerf ul version of Microsof t’s original Surf ace tablet. In f act, it looks
  3. 3. identical to Surf ace RT, save f or being 0.53-inch thick instead of 0.37-inch thick. And even though it weighs 2 pounds to Surf ace RT ’s 1.5 pounds,it really doesn’t f eel all that much heavier.But, most importantly, Surf ace Pro bids adieu to the nonsense of Windows RT, and delivers Windows 8 Pro instead. And that classy, moldedmagnesium chassis is now stuf f ed with a Core i5 processor—you know, just like a real PC.Even though Microsof t all but ditched CES this year (simply delegating Steve Ballmer to class up Qualcomm’s absurd keynote), the Surf ace teamdid touch down in Las Vegas to show of f its new Surf ace with Windows 8 Pro in a back-room, practically of f -the-grid demo.Screen: Yes, thanks for the extra pixels image: microsof tHere’s a great side shot of the upcoming Surf ace Pro. If you’re f amiliar with Surf ace RT, you can immediately tell the Pro version is thicker.
  4. 4. Both Surf ace RT and Surf ace Pro f eature 10.6-inch, optically bonded displays, but where the RT ’s screen tops out at 1366×768, the Pro versionof Surf ace delivers a true HD resolution of 1920×1080. T his bump in pixel density helps address one of my main gripes with Surf ace RT: Itsunmistakable lack of visual clarity compared to Apple’s Retina display products.During my CES demo, I got a good half -hour with the Surf ace Pro, and every time I held it, I noticed and re-noticed its improved pixel density. It’snot anything that leaps f orward when Surf ace is propped on a table in workstation mode, but when you’re grasping the device in your hands,tablet-style, the improved resolution is obvious, and in your f ace.We also ran Surf ace RT with an external display, driving a behemoth, high-res monitor via the Pro’s Mini DisplayPort adapter. OK, that was arevelation. When attached to an external monitor, the Surf ace Pro really does become a f ull PC—and in this mode, the tablet itself can f unctionas a drawing pad f or f ull-f ledged graphics applications, thanks to its included pen.About that pen image: microsof tT he digitizer pen magnetically snaps into the tablet’s power port when not in use.
  5. 5. T he Surf ace Pro’s pen attaches to the tablet’s magnetic power adapter port when it’s not in use. T he f it is snug enough, I guess, and it clampsdown to the tablet chassis with all the grip of the power connector itself . But the storage system f or the digitizer still worries me. I’m used tostoring tablet styluses inside hardware, not having them hang of f the side. How many weeks bef ore these pens are lost en masse?Regardless, the pen itself perf ormed relatively well when drawing in digital ink. T here was the slightest—slightest—bit of lag in drawing response,but while it was noticeable, it wasn’t consequential. Microsof t couldn’t tell me how many levels of pressure sensitivity are of f ered by the pen, butsimply having a f ull-f ledged Windows tablet that can get close to a Wacom pad is a nice bonus f eature.Performance: Smooth, like a PC should image: microsof tWhere Surf ace RT has a closed chasis, Surf ace Pro is vented—to let out the hot air generated by the Core i5 processor.
  6. 6. T he new Surf ace will ship with an Intel Core i5 processor, integrated Intel graphics, and 4GB of RAM. Microsof t isn’t disclosing clock speeds. Ionly had a brief amount of time with the machine, and Microsof t didn’t demo any desktop applications—but let’s all take a moment to thank themore sensible architects in Redmond f or letting us run f ull desktop applications in Microsof t’s latest tablet.Surf ace Pro did f eel a wee bit f aster in the modern, live-tiled Windows interf ace, and that actually says something f or the perf ormance of Intelsilicon, given that Surf ace RT ’s ARM processor is more than capable of handling the new Windows U.I. Of course, the real test will come when werun f ull-f ledged Windows apps and games in desktop mode. My expectation is that we’ll f ind perf ormance perf ectly commensurate to i5 machinesrunning the same specs.During the demo, we did f ire up the f irst-person shooter Bulletstorm, and its f rame rate at 1920×1080 was smooth enough to play, but didn’t lookbutter smooth in 60f ps+ territory. Still, if nothing else, the game demo did prove that Surf ace Pro is a legitimate perf ormer, and can deliver whatone would expect f rom other Windows 8/Intel tablet combos running similar components.Unlike the completely passively cooled Surf ace RT, the Surf ace Pro has two built-in f ans. During the demo, the f ans were perf ectly quiet when Iwas using the Pro as a conventional tablet. I was warned the sound levels would increase during game play, but Bulletstorm was loud enough todrown out the f ans (that is, if they were increasing in volume at all).Waiting for pudding—and proof thereinWhen Surf ace Pro arrives at the end of this month, it won’t receive all the f resh, new-kid-in-town bonhomie that the world bestowed on Surf aceRT. When RT hit the scene in October, it wasn’t just one of the very f ew Windows tablet-ish devices available, it also piggybacked on top ofMicrosof t’s greater Windows launch PR ef f ort.But lif e is very dif f erent now f or a Windows 8 tablet or tablet-PC hybrid. T here are multiple Windows 8 machines to choose f rom, and consumerswill be incredibly sensitive to pricing options. T he 64GB version of Surf ace Pro will cost $900. T he 128GB version, $1000. Touch-capableUltrabooks are aiming to beat those numbers, and Microsof t will shortly f ind itself in a pricing war with its hardware partners. T he “competitor”machines may not have the design panache of Surf ace, but will looks matter in an ultra-portable market that’s already considered to be priced toohigh?
  7. 7. Stay tuned. Get ready. T he PC landscape is more interesting than it’s been in more than 10 years, and Surf ace Pro can tell us so, so much aboutwhat consumers want—and are willing to spend—in a new Windows 8 hybrid.Tagged with: CES 2013 • Microsoft Surface Pro • tablet-PC hybrid S H A R E Like → 0 0 Twe e t 0 Ce llulari Dual Sim – Table t Andro id Ne ws HTC lancia i primi smartphone con font in birmano to esplora nuovi mercati Una bufala, parola di Apple: iPhone Mini a basso costo Android sembra dire di sì: WhatsApp a pagamento Gggiornamento a Jelly Bean disponibile anche per i modelli TIM: HTC One X Huawei ha presentato ufficialmente l’Ascend Mate e l’Ascend D2 Sony Xperia Z sarà il modello che arriverà in Italia Nuovo Sony Xperia Z pronto per il CES 2013Re ce nt Po st s Microsoft Surface Pro First Impressions at CES 2013 Panasonic’s 20- inch 4K Windows 8 tablet at CES 2013 Hands on ASUS Transformer AiO PC Huawei Ascend D2 at CES 2013 Google Nexus 10 goes back on sale via Google PlayCat e go rie s Android Phone Android Tablet
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