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eLEDGER - the ONE MINUTE pitch


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One of the MAJOR PAINS felt by Small Businesses are their accounts...
This is because Accounting has remained largely unchanged since the Great Depression, when it was developed to report the "worth" of a business to an outsider, in a world of Mass Production and Large Scale Industrialisation...

This is mostly IRRELEVANT to a modern SMALL Business, with few staff and little (or NO) inventory!

eLEDGER represents the EVOLUTION of Accounting to accommodate such new businesses, focussing purely on day-to-day transactions and leaving - usually ANNUAL - reporting to accountants.

Being CLOUD-BASED, it is accessible anywhere, at any time, and it handles things like updates and backups for you automatically, in the background.

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eLEDGER - the ONE MINUTE pitch

  1. 1. Keep track of your business finances oonnlliinnee qquuiicckkllyy aanndd eeaassiillyy.. NNoo ssooffttwwaarree ttoo iinnssttaallll.. NNoo aaccccoouunnttiinngg eexxppeerrttiissee rreeqquuiirreedd..
  2. 2. One of the MAJOR PAINS felt by Small Business Owners is their accounts
  3. 3. “modern” accounting has remained largely unchanged since The Great Depression when it was developed in a world of mass production and large scale industrialisation...
  4. 4. ● to report the “worth” of a company to an outsider ● NOT to help anyone manage their business!
  5. 5. this is largely IRRELEVANT to a modern small business
  6. 6. this is largely IRRELEVANT to a modern small business which has ● few staff ● little or NO inventory
  7. 7. represents the EVOLUTION of accounting to accommodate such new businesses
  8. 8. focusing on day-to-day transactions...
  9. 9. with automatically generated reports presented in an easy-to-understand format on the only thing a small business manager really cares about: CASH FLOW
  10. 10. CLOUD-BASED easily accessed  anywhere, any time, on any browser / device  by an authorised Partner (e.g. accountant)  consistent look & feel across desktop / hand-held system automatically manages  updates  backups  changes to tax, super, minimum wage, etc
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