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Pl150(tl210) and pl100(tl205) wear colors


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Pl150(tl210) and pl100(tl205) wear colors

  1. 1. ULR : PL150(TL210) and PL100(TL205) Wear Colors Posted by Marta Are you tired of black or silver colored gadget? We have good news for you. Samsung two dual view cameras PL150(TL210) and PL100(TL205) are coming with colorful figures. Each model will be available in your choice of three different colors; Green, Pink and Purple. Original color of PL150(TL210) was Black with Red, Blue or Purple line, and PL100(TL205) had just Black and Silver.
  2. 2. PL150(TL210)
  3. 3. PL100(TL205) Both the PL150(TL210) and PL100(TL205) were released last February. Offering Samsung’s dual screen LCD technology, the new mega-pixel (PL150(TL210)-12.2, PL100(TL205)-12.2) PL150(TL210) and PL100(TL205) offer a variety of updated features which will make it even easier for consumers to capture their most precious memories with family and friends, both from behind and in front of the camera. What’s your favorite color? Make a good choice and look for it to be available soon. Get more information of PL150(TL210) and PL100(TL205).