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Electronic cigarettes


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Manufacturers design electronic cigarette just like a real cigarette, but they do not need to set fire to smoke and did not die out as the real drug

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Electronic cigarettes

  1. 1. Know Your Electronic Cigarette vkgk29aopA
  2. 2.  Electronic cigarette is known as an alternative to smoking without having to use real cigarettes contain nicotine. Manufacturers design electronic cigarette just like a real cigarette, but they do not need to set fire to smoke and did not die out as the real drug. pA
  3. 3.  Manufacturers and customers generally expressed satisfaction with an alternative method such tobacco. Normal tobacco is the cause of death for millions of people each year and also the impact factors cause many dangerous diseases to humans. Many users have pointed out is medication electronic help them reduce cough, help alert and easy sleepy. Therefore, electronic cigarettes easily won the hearts of the advertised drug addicts because it is not harmful to health, the amount of nicotine in a cigarette can contain 6mg - 18mg / cigarettes.
  4. 4.  The electronic medication inhaled gases normally as regular cigarettes. The heart of the electronic cigarette is a microprocessor circuit is responsible for activating a mixture of steam injection parts when can stimulate inhaled by the user. Steam mixture will be pushed out as a vapor and is inhaled by the user through a filter (rechare de nicotine). At the beginning of the filter, the gas mixture will be mixed with a mixture of aroma and flavor, plus a nicotine fit. All activities are ensured by a) located forequarters cigarette.
  5. 5.  Fans of the e-cigarette (another name for e- medicine) said they enjoy many of the same feeling as smoking as normal while holding the phone in his hand and obesity pro exhaled smoke. Many e - modified cigarette also add a light-emitting diode (LED) light up when users inhale, the most realistic simulation. pA
  6. 6.  Unlike conventional cigarettes, e-cigarettes vaporize nicotine, along with other components in cigarette form of mist to who use inhaled air. Basing on theory, they produce less toxic than tobacco shreds burned in conventional cigarettes. But in reality, no one knows the chemical composition of cigarette escape from the electronic cigarette, some people still believe that this drug can replace common tobacco safety.
  7. 7.  Although the producers always claim that their products have health benefits than regular cigarettes, however, the World Health Organization (WHO) stated that there is no evidence to prove this point. pA
  8. 8.  Probably still need more time to study and eliminate the harmful effects of this vehicle. But during that time, people try new feel to it and in many cases get good benefits quit smoking. pA