Eig General Contracting


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Eig General Contracting

  1. 1. Company Presentation
  2. 2. The Company ELME Industrial Group Industrial Solutions and Services (EIG) consists of 19 industrial service companies which are specialized in engineering, general contracting, plant building and operation as well as maintenance in the European Region.
  3. 3. Our Mission ELME Industrial Group’s mission is to become an internationally recognized industrial services and solutions provider as a leading player of its field in Central-Eastern Europe.
  4. 4. Our Strategy • Knowledge-based engineering solutions • Technologically implemented project management • Strategic focus on general contracting and maintenance • Quality • services • the applied technology, the range of distributed products • production • Continuous development in • organization • human resources • logistics • technology
  5. 5. Environmental Technology Competence In the last 3 years the Group has focused on environmental technologies and renewable energy production. Presently we are the owner of 4 proprietary technology of air and soil decontamination. EIG is the leader partner of the Hungarian-Japanese consortium which builds the first Hungarian biomass power plant. This power plant of 20 MW performance starts its operation in the summer of 2009, following an implementation of a credit of 46 million EUR received from the Hungarian Development Bank.
  6. 6. Group Consolidated Data • Member companies: 19 + 6 in industrial estate development • Offices: in 5 countries • Staff: 800+ • Consolidated share capital: EUR 4 720 900* • Consolidated equity capital: EUR 9 342 809* • Consolidated turnover 2007: EUR 37 233 029** • Consolidated turnover 2008: EUR 51 208 391* *1 € = 264,78 Ft(2008.12.31.) **1 € = 253,35 Ft (2007.12.28.)
  7. 7. Company History • The legal predecessor of EL&ME Control Engineering Ltd.: • Following 5 years of internal service activities in BIOGAL Pharmaceuticals the company was transformed into privately owned Ltd. in 1989 • More complex tasks • Wider and deeper competences • Strategical acquisitions • Establishment of new enterprises • Formation of ELME Industrial Group Industrial Solutions and Services (EIG) – 1st January 2009.
  8. 8. The Operation of EIG The main objectives of strategic management • Exploit the synergy inherent in the activity of our subsidiaries • Reach the optimized effectiveness of the centralized services (e.g. marketing, HR, finances and public accountancy, logistics, other functional areas) The characteristics of the operational direction • Structured and hierarchical • In the top leader level: a Board deciding by consensus (4+2 heads) • All members of the Board are specialists with leading experience of a few decades • Sharing responsibility in the Board by personal competences • Keywords: creativity, experience and control
  9. 9. The Position of EIG Sector position • Pharmaceutical industry: participation in the most important projects of high standard • Chemical industry: participation in the most important technological areas • Energy production: known and acknowledged • Industrial projects: supplier often chosen as „the monitor of references” • Hungarian international projects: accepted label supplier Market position • Relying upon the Hungarian complex portfolio EIG is market leader • On the score of the turnover EIG is one of the leaders in certain special areas
  10. 10. Factors effecting the success • Knowledge-based approach • Clear structure of the enterprise • Capability to cooperation and internation • Technological competence of the industrial service companies • Design and development of technology • Research and development (CERN Cooperation under organization) • International positioning (benchmark) and following the best (best practice) • Best Hungarian labour force • Best international labour force (British, Romanian, Slovak, Albanian, German, Ghanaian and Croatian colleagues)
  11. 11. Further Advantages • CEE experienced project management team • Best in class engineering team experienced even in explosion proof environment • High quality infrastructure • Comprehensive market penetration • Specialized in the chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical and energy industries • Wide industrial services and industrial estate portfolio within the Group
  12. 12. EIG Locations in Hungary
  13. 13. EIG Locations in Europe
  14. 14. Industrial Solutions and Services Portfolio ELME Industrial Group Industrial Solutions and Services EL&ME Control Engineering Ltd. VEGYTERV IS Industrial Solutions General Contractor EL&ME Riadenie Procesov s.r.o. VEGYTERV Chemical Engineering and Contracting Electromatic Systems S.R.L. Chemoriens Process Piping and Equipment manufacturing Ltd. EL&ME d.o.o. Schorch Hungaria Commercial and Service Ltd. Palladin Technical, Development, Production and Service Company TMK-Automatika Industrial Service and Trading Ltd. Ltd. BARTEC Hungary Commerical and Service Ltd. Palladin UK Ltd. EM-Bioetanol Ltd. Cold Oil Press Plazmakat Research and Development Ltd. IAT Ltd. DBM South Nyírség Bioenergy Power Plant Electricity Producing Parker Commercial and Service Ltd. Company ELMAT Commercial and Service Ltd.
  15. 15. Industrial Estate Development and Management Portfolio ELME Industrial Group Industrial Solutions and Services Vegyipar 2001 Ltd. ELBA Ház Ltd. Óbester Park Ltd. El Immo Novum Észak Ltd. El Immo Novum Nyugat Ltd. El Immo Novum Kelet Ltd.
  16. 16. Industrial Service Companies Main profile • Mechanical implementation of power distribution • Automation of industrial processes • Design, manufacturing, implementation, installation and of customized systems based on the given technology • Wholesale of automation component • Control engineering instrumentation Special fields • Professional design, installation, repair and maintenance of explosion- proof technologies • Power distribution systems, PLC, computer programs
  17. 17. The Flagships of EIG • Vegyterv IS - General contracting of industrial projects • EL&ME Control Engineering Ltd. - Electrical instrumentation, mechanical implementation of power distribution & process controlling • Vegyterv - Chemical technology engineering, industrial construction design & regulatory compliance management • TMK-Automatika Ltd. - Petrochemical process instrumentation & maintenance
  18. 18. Major EIG Companies • Chemoriens Ltd. - Manufacturing, construction & design of pharmaceutical process units, installation of sterile technologies • Schorch Hungária Ltd. - Electrical drive technology, sales, diagnostic & maintenance
  19. 19. Other EIG Interests in Hungary • EL&ME’s Jean Müller Division - Electricity measurement systems, component sales, design & production • Bartec Hungary Ltd. - Industrial safety technology application in explosion hazardous areas
  20. 20. Technology Patents Owned and Utilized • Palladin Hungary Ltd. - Thermo-catalytic and other environmental technologies • Palladin UK Ltd. - Oil contaminated sludge and soil cleaning • Plazmakat Ltd. - Plasma-catalytic air cleaning • Cold Oil Press - Vegetable oil processing
  21. 21. International Activities in Industrial Maintenance • Electromatic Systems S.R.L. - Location: Brasov, Romania • EL&ME Riadenie Procesov s.r.o. - Location: Bratislava, Slovakia • EL&ME Tirana Sh.p.k. - Location: Tirana, Albania • EL&ME d.o.o. - Locations: Zagreb and Rijeka, Croatia
  22. 22. EIG’s Industrial Estate Development • ELBA Ház Ltd. • Vegyipar 2001 Ltd. • El Immo Novum Észak Ltd. • El Immo Novum Kelet Ltd. • El Immo Novum Nyugat Ltd.
  23. 23. Industrial Services' Structure of EIG
  24. 24. Vegyterv IS Industrial Solutions Complete industrial technology solutions & services • Technology based general contracting • Full project management • Engineering – Procurement - Construction • Consulting • Feasibility studies • Documentation • Technology development and implementation • Supervisory activities • Outsourcing • BOO (Built-Owned-Operated) services • Planning support in Primavera
  25. 25. EL&ME Control Engineering Ltd. Process control, instrumentation & power distribution • Control and power system design engineering • Process instrumentation and related mechanical implementation • Integration of industrial control systems • Process control systems’ software development • Manufacturing of switch gears and control boards • Installation and start-up for different technology processes • Sales and distribution of instrumentation and electrical components of major technology component manufacturers
  26. 26. Vegyterv Chemical Engineering Design, engineering, construction planning • Chemical and industrial vessels and equipment • Piping • Buildings • Frame structures • Steel structures • Utility networks • Water supply, canalization, waste water treatment • Landscaping • Roads • Land surveying
  27. 27. TMK-Automatika Ltd. Petrochemical process instrumentation and maintenance • Installation of process control systems • Instrumentation (implementation, diagnostic and maintenance) • Design engineering, planning and documentation • PLC, PC and DCS system integration and application development • Manufacturing of different chemical appliances • Calibration of process instruments • Repair, maintenance, installation and calibration of process valves • System integration of process analysers, chromatographs
  28. 28. Chemoriens Ltd. Manufacturing, construction and design of process units for the pharmaceutical industry and other industrial applications • Process piping • Manufacture of equipment for the pharmaceutical quality • Design of pressure vessels and process controlling • Maintenance services • Main contracting of pharma projects (clean rooms, HVAC, plant implementation) • High purity orbital welded systems • Carbon steel and stainless steel construction • Glass and enamel equipment installation
  29. 29. Schorch Hungária Ltd. Installation, diagnostic, maintenance & repair of electrical machines & related devices • Engineering services in electrical machines and equipment • Planning and installation of energy-saving & upgrading projects • Workshop tests up to 1,5 MW, on-site diagnostics up to 20 MVA • On-line condition monitoring systems for rotating machines • Maintenance & repair of • asynchronous, synchronous, DC electrical machines and generators • explosion-proof and special purpose electric motors and equipment • industrial electronic equipment, AC-DC drive controls • low and medium voltage transformers • power tools and household appliances • pumps, ventilators, gears and compressors
  30. 30. Budapest HQ Activities, Engineering and Sales
  31. 31. Debrecen Engineering, Manufacturing and Warehousing
  32. 32. EIG’s Electrical and Electromechanical Engineering Activities
  33. 33. Design Engineering According to ISO 9001:2001 standard • Certified by TÜV Applied CAE and CAD systems • EPLAN P8, AUTOCAD2006-2008, Inventor 3D EIG designers and project managers are registered by the Hungarian Chamber of Engineers, certified for different industrial environment (e.g. safe area, Ex zone, nuclear appliance, clean area, etc.)
  34. 34. Design Engineering Tendering, construction, manufacturing, installation & implementation in a customized & complex manner • Medium voltage power distribution systems with control engineering interfaces (e.g. PLC switch-over automatic units) • 400 V power distribution systems with control engineering interfaces (e.g. intelligent motor power management systems) • Process control (DDC, DCS) systems with advanced „Foundation Fieldbus” or conventional interfaces & GPS technology • Other control engineering PC & PLC systems & related user software products • Electrical heating of industrial technological piping systems with their related control and visualization systems • Type tested equipment according to the customer requirements
  35. 35. Implementation Electrical and mechanical installations in connection with construction and revamping tasks • Mounting, installing and starting up of MV and LV power distribution systems, transformers, complete substations and related auxiliary units • Implementation of the instrumentation and data transmission systems of industrial facilities • Control engineering with medium and large PLC hardware, software, process visualization (SCADA) and control systems • Implementation of process control systems (PLC, SCADA, DDS, DCS) • Ex-proof heating systems, heating facilities • Highly qualified technical staff for installation and start-up tasks
  36. 36. Manufacturing Production for internal and external orders • Assembling Moeller cam switches and Hensel boxes • Producing of Moeller MODAN SYSTEM appliances and Natus Energon system in withdrawal technology up to 6600 A • Assembling distribution boards in Hensel SAS distribution cabinets up to 5000 A • Production for small volume unique requests • Well-trained manufacturing staff in accordance with other product system specifications • Standardized manufacturing processes with quality control
  37. 37. Managing World Leading Instrument Producers' Product Portfolio Representative or premier distribution of • Invensys Foxboro • Flowserve • Funke-Huster-Fernsig • Parker Hannifin • Natus Distributor of • Moeller Electric • Schneider Electric • Siemens • Rittal and others
  38. 38. The strategic Role of Maintenance EIG member companies are contracted electrical and instrumentation maintenance service providers of the most major Hungarian chemical and pharmaceutical companies such as: • TVK • Borsodchem • TEVA • Richter Gedeon • GlaxoSmithKline Hungary
  39. 39. EIG’s Mechanical and Civil Engineering Activities
  40. 40. Process Piping • Pipe fitting • Stainless & carbon steel • PP, PE, PTFE • Glass & enamel pipes • Main contracting (incl. Building construction, electrical works, instrumentation, clean rooms, HVAC) • Equipment installation • Steel constructions • Orbital welding technologies for PW, WFI, CIP systems • Well trained on-site project management
  41. 41. Equipment Manufacturing • Experienced, certified in-house design engineers • Well equipped production facility (cert. 3834-2) • Pressure vessels (acc. to PED) • Reactors, heat exchangers, tanks, containers, extractors, vacuum dryers producing and refurbishment • Storage tanks for dangerous, flammable liqui • 30 more welding procedures including special welding technologies (Ti, Hastelloy, etc.) • TÜV certified manufacturing (AD Merkblatt HP0) • Tailor-made equipment production acccording to the customers’ need
  42. 42. EIG’s Project and Technology Management Activities
  43. 43. Project Implementation Specialities • Civil construction • Mechanical construction • Technological piping installation • Steel structures installation • Frame structures installation • Building engineering and HVAC systems installation • Installation of chemical and industrial wessels and equipment • Equipment manufacturing
  44. 44. Project Technology • Dedicated project organization for every project • Project market areas: • Petrochemical and oil industry • Pharmaceutical and other chemical (e.g. steel, paper) industries • Energy production and environmental technologies • Knowledge-based general contracting, engineering-aided project preparation • Project planning and controlling by Primavera system • Centralized purchasing and subcontractor qualification • Transparent documentation, strict quality and safety control
  45. 45. Project Organization • Setting off-site facilities (infrastructure, workshop, store, etc. as necessary) • Dedicated, in-house specialists for the following functions: • Project Manager • Construction Manager • Engineering • Quality supervisor • Safety supervisor • Planner (time & ressource scheduling in Primavera system) • Documentation • All project are technologically managed and supervised
  46. 46. Engineering Software Tools • PVElite Integrated Vessel Design • CAEPIPE Pipe Stress Analysis System technology • Solid Edge 3D engineering system • Iso.EDGE • Autodesk Inventor 3D • NX 5 CAD/CAM/CAE system • SMAP 3D piping system for small facilities • Teamcenter PLM system • AutoCAD 2008 P&ID • CHEMCAD and HYSYS chemical process modelling • EPLAN
  47. 47. Novel Project Management Tools: Primavera Project Management System
  48. 48. ISO 9001 Quality Management System Group members are regularly audited and certified in: • Sales • Software development • Design engineering • Panel and technology assembling • Installation • Construction • R&D • Customer service • Logistics • Storage and warehousing
  49. 49. Specific Qualifications Group members fulfilling specified requirements up to ABOS II. certified by Paks Nuclear Power Plant.
  50. 50. Major EIG Partners in CEE MOL, Slovnaft - oil industry TEVA, Richter Gedeon, GSK, Sanofi-Aventis - pharmaceutical industry TVK, Borsodchem, Agroferm, Columbian - chemical industry Mátrai Power Plant, BERT, VERT, PART - energy industry ISD Dunaferr - steel industry Michelin - rubber industry Dunapack - paper industry Interspan - wood industry Foster Wheeler, UHDE, Siirtec-Nigi - engineering Bunge, Szabolcs Gabona, Borsodi Sörgyár - food industry FAG, Prec-Cast, Electrolux - manufacturing
  51. 51. Why EIG? • EIG is a reliable, well known business partner of several industry players in Hungary • Projects managed within unified leadership to exploit optimal use of group portfolio capabilities • Synergism between EIG Engineering, General Contracting, Implementation, Partner Portfolio Sales utilised from planning till commissioning • Projects completed since 1984 prove that EIG members beat peer companies in meeting clients’ contractual requirements by significantly reduced risk in quality and other deliverables