U1 Lesson 09


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U1 Lesson 09

  1. 1. It Started With A Drink...<br />
  2. 2. Weekly Student Notices <br />22nd March 2010 <br />
  3. 3.
  4. 4. Changes to Late Slips<br />Late slips now have a new section for you to complete.<br />The ‘Reason for lateness’ box on the reverse of the slip and must be completed before handing the slip to your tutor.<br />Reasons will be monitored so that we can offer support and advice for persistent lateness.<br />
  5. 5. Castle Radio<br /> <br />The new Castle College AM Radio Station is to be set up to run along the lines of a Student Union society. This gives Confetti students many exiting opportunities in terms of helping to run the station and providing or developing content for transmission.<br />If you’re interested in helping to run the Radio Station please email curtis.hodelin@confetti-ict.com for more information<br />
  6. 6. YouthBytes- what do you think?<br />Have you spotted the YouthBytes widget in the top right hand corner of the LRC and café computer desktops?<br />What do you think of it?<br />Have you clicked on any of the links?<br />Would you like any improvements/changes to be made?<br />Let us know what you think via your personal tutor.<br />
  7. 7. Confetti Rules<br />Currently, sixConfetti students are at risk of suspension or even expulsion due to poor attendance, punctuality, submissions or behaviour.<br />In February alone, a further twelve students were removed from the course for breach of the above rules.<br />Keeping up to date on your course work, being professional and attending on time is essential in order to not jeopardise your place on programme. These same skills are key to your future success in the workplace.<br />Check with your personal tutor regarding your current progress and any improvements you can make in order to remain an exemplary Confetti student.<br />
  8. 8.  Calling all BND Music Tech Students!<br />We’re putting together a Confetti CD of BND Music Technology student tracks and we want your tunes! <br />The best tracks will be chosen by a panel of tutors, mastered and put on to a CD which will be given to visitors and future students of Confetti. They could even be featured on the Confetti website!<br /> <br />For your chance to appear on the CD please give your track to your personal tutor or email an mp3 to peter.fletcher@confetti-ict.com.  <br />Tracks must be submitted by Friday 26th March 2010 at the latest.<br />
  9. 9. Cultural Calendar<br />Wed 24 Mar- Rama Navami (Hindu )<br />Birthday of Lord Rama, an incarnation of Vishnu and the hero of the Ramayan<br />Wed 24 Mar- Swaminarayan Jayanti (Hindu )<br />This day marks the birth of Lord Swaminarayan for followers of the Swaminarayan tradition.<br />Thu 25 Mar- Annunciation (Christian )<br />Marks the angel Gabriel's message to the Virgin Mary that she would give birth to the incarnation of Christ. It also celebrates the incarnation itself as the date falls 9 months before Christmas.<br />Fri 26 Mar- Khordad Sal (Fasli) (Zoroastrian )<br />The birthday of Zoroaster, celebrated on this date in the Fasli calendar. Also known as the Greater Noruz<br />Sun 28 Mar- Palm Sunday (Christian )<br />The sixth and last Sunday of Lent. Marks the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem and the start of Holy Week.<br />Sun 28 Mar- Mahavira Jayanti (Jain )<br />The birth anniversary of Lord Mahavira, the 24th Tirthankar and the "founder" of modern Jainism<br />Mon 29 Mar- Fast of the Firstborn (Jewish )<br />Observed only by firstborn males, on the day before Passover. This fast celebrates the survival of Jewish firtborn sons from the 10th Plague of Egypt.<br />
  10. 10. Japanese Word of the Week (15)<br />Tensai-teki<br />[Tensai-teki Miyamoto des]<br />Miyamoto yokattawa!<br />
  11. 11. Aims & Objectives<br />Aims:<br />Students will understand routes to pre-production. They will use it to focus upon booklet and cover design for their game.<br />Objectives:<br />All students will identify 2 forms of pre-production, design & research<br />Most students will identify 2 forms of pre-production, design & research and explain their function<br />Some students will identify 3 forms of pre-production, design & research, explain and use their functions for assignment purposes<br />
  12. 12. Research& Pre-Production<br />22March 2010<br />Unit 1 Research Techniques for Media Industries<br />Unit 2 Pre-Production for Media Industries<br />Unit 70 Computer Game Design (part)<br />
  13. 13. Research Techniques<br />1 Understand the purposes of research in the media industries<br />2 Be able to apply a range of research methods and techniques<br />3 Be able to present results of research.<br />
  14. 14. Pre-Production Techniques<br />1 Understand requirements for production<br />2 Be able to obtain resources for production<br />3 Be able to apply production logistics. <br />
  15. 15. Your Deadline!<br />Assignment 5.3 – 22March 2010<br />Assignment 5.4 – 26March 2010<br />Monday 22March 2010 is TODAY<br />
  16. 16. What Should 5.3 Contain?<br /><ul><li>Your design
  17. 17. Your team</li></li></ul><li>Design<br /><ul><li> Have you used good images?
  18. 18. Have you supplied a treatment?
  19. 19. Have you proffered taglines based upon research?
  20. 20. Have you shown that you can be visual as well as textual?
  21. 21. Were you true to your design?</li></li></ul><li>Pre-Production<br /><ul><li> Did you supply breakdown of crew on the development?
  22. 22. Have you looked at a variety of games and replicated their style?
  23. 23. Have you provided rating guidance?
  24. 24. Did you supply safety instructions, helpline numbers (even links to foreign languages?) </li></li></ul><li>Pitching 101<br />
  25. 25. Like Death and Taxes...<br />
  26. 26. Be confident<br /><ul><li> Smile!
  27. 27. Shake hands with your pitchee
  28. 28. Speak slowly and carefully
  29. 29. Take slow deep breaths and pause before each sentence</li></li></ul><li>2. Plan<br /><ul><li> Make notes and take notes
  30. 30. Structure your pitch for clarity
  31. 31. Allow for questions
  32. 32. Decide what’s important – this is your calling card!</li></li></ul><li>3. Do Your Homework<br /><ul><li>Don’t bullshit research
  33. 33. Don’t talk trash
  34. 34. Do show workings out
  35. 35. Explain EVERYTHING!</li></li></ul><li>Activity<br />Make a list of bad stuff that could happen in a pitch (you may watch one)<br />
  36. 36. Activity<br />Now make a small list detailing things you can get right in your pitch...<br />
  37. 37. Budgets<br />A Slight Return<br />
  38. 38. How Much Do You Need?<br />Top 3 Game Budgets of All Time<br />1. Grand Theft Auto IV – $100 million (£65,875,841.85)<br />2. Gran Turismo 5 – $80 million (£52,698,141.88)<br />3. Shenmue – $70 million (£46,111,524.73)<br />Get REAL! MotoGP was made with how much money???<br />
  39. 39. Have You Sought Funding?<br />Don’t forget to mention funding streams in your document! These could be:<br /><ul><li> Government authorities
  40. 40. Publishers
  41. 41. Private investors</li></ul>Name them! Don’t assume that we know who they are!<br />
  42. 42. Capital Expenditure<br />Ensure that you don’t ASSUME anything of your game design. It will need software, it will require a timeframe, you will need an office to work in:<br />From business lunches to getting pizza in for crunch. From getting the stamp of approval at GDC to getting a stamp from the Post Office.<br />Everything costs!!!!!<br />
  43. 43. Budgets in Class<br />Assignment 5.4 requires more detail on budgets. Can Pedgy help you with budget? Please ask and ye shall receive!<br />
  44. 44. That Brings Us To The End Of These Units<br />Feedback please?<br />
  45. 45. Overview – What Have We Learned?<br /><ul><li> What we did in 5.3
  46. 46. Hints and tips for 5.4</li></ul>Have we met our outcomes?<br />