Game Elements


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A quickie guide to game elements in an easy to digest format with activities to get the grey matter working

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Game Elements

  1. 1. Game Elements Or, How I learned to love Master Chief
  2. 2. The Rules of Engagement SYSTEMIC ELEMENTS BEHAVIOURAL ELEMENTS • Components • Players • Environments GAMEPLAY • Contexts • Rule Sets • Game Mechanics • Theme • Information • Interface COMPOUND ELEMENTS
  3. 3. Our Hero Name: Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 Job: Cyber-soldier Race: Spartan (Spartan Project) Employer: UNSC
  4. 4. Deconstructing the Universe SYSTEMIC ELEMENTS BEHAVIOURAL ELEMENTS • One, Multi • Characterisation GAMEPLAY • Maps, Online Play • Maps, Problem solving • “Save Yourself, Save the World” • FPS with interlaced cutscenes • Hero • Saving, tutorials, Cortana! • Weapons, maps, viewscreen COMPOUND ELEMENTS
  5. 5. Activity In groups of three, discuss the game on your card when you open just the Hero envelope Think about the hero not just as a character, but also as a vital part of your game.
  6. 6. Anatomy of a Hero Player Component Theme
  7. 7. Activity Where is the story set? What elements are involved in the setting of the game??????? Covenant, Arbiter & much more! Name at least 2 elements in your game, you’ve got 2 minutes!
  8. 8. “Nothing Endures But Change” BCE Heraclitus 540-480 Contexts Do maps also represent Information? Interface Do you like the way it’s all Environment(s) connected?
  9. 9. To ai or not to ai, that is the question… Story Tutorial Characterisation (NPC)
  10. 10. Activity What element(s) does your AI represent in the game?
  11. 11. The Carrier • She’s a vital part of the story, often you have to save her (see: Pillar of Autumn) • Being part of Master Chief’s HUD, she’s heavily involved in weapons or vehicle tutorials • You can’t play as her, but you can interact with her AI is often used to carry you through a theme or ruleset – meaning every game element is relevant
  12. 12. Constructing the Universe
  13. 13. Activity What am I using to make this a game? I need to move the story on… but how? Think about and document 2 game elements in your game that relate to mechanics
  14. 14. Brinkmanship sinks your ships If this equals that – then what?
  15. 15. Final Activity Present at least 1 rule for your game. Note: Objectives are outcomes, rules endure!!
  16. 16. Overview • Make rules, make war! • Use AI as your chorus • Look past game snobbery and consider cut-scenes • Treat your story elements as rules • Plan your game with maps and worlds • Let the player do some work! • Reward with response, respond with rewards PS: Have some serious fun!