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Dreamweaver and Me


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Published in: Education, Technology, Design
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Dreamweaver and Me

  1. 1. Dreamweaver CS4
  2. 2. Dreamweaver CS4 Where do we begin? At the beginning!
  3. 3. Dreamweaver CS4 • Get organised • Take some time • Think before you click • Use your design template at EVERY stage!
  4. 4. Dreamweaver CS4 In Statler, make a file – call it:  My web site Finder, then Apple Command Key + K, then, your name and password for Statler Tip: Don’t forget it’s your GS8 folder on Statler
  5. 5. Dreamweaver CS4 Now what? How do you begin?
  6. 6. Dreamweaver CS4 Activity Let’s get our folder ready! Timer: 5 Minutes
  7. 7. Dreamweaver CS4 Now what?
  8. 8. Dreamweaver CS4 Activity Let’s create 1 web page! Timer: 15 Minutes
  9. 9. Dreamweaver CS4 Check….. Did I make an image folder? Did I make a template folder? Did I ask for help?
  10. 10. Dreamweaver CS4 Reading List Books Web Design for Dummies by Lisa Lopuck Don't Make Me Think!: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability by Steve Krug HTML for the World Wide Web: With XHTML and CSS by Elizabeth Castro Journals Web User Web Designer Magazine .net Magazine Websites
  11. 11. Dreamweaver CS4 My blog!