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For TPAs


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For TPAs

  1. 1. Web-based Benefits Administration forThird Party Administrators andConsultants
  2. 2. Your Challenge in 2013• The Competitive Environment means that you needan edge—a way to develop loyalty from your clients• Offering benefits selection with a ―state of the art‖platform is a way to develop such loyalty• The ―big boys‖ offer benefits, and they offer a varietyof services which compete with you and can makeyou vulnerable• Offering benefits is also a way to significantlyincrease your revenue, due to excellent margins
  3. 3. Your Challenge in 2013 (contd.)• Many benefits administration solutions are notdesigned for medium-sized and smaller customers• Many solutions are not flexible in terms ofadministrating customers in multiple states withmultiple benefits packages for different types ofemployees• Maintaining a regulatory compliant solution that is up-to-date with current technology is expensive andcumbersome
  4. 4. How We Can Help You• An easy to implement solution that is simple for:– The TPA or Consultant– The client administrator– The employee user• A solution that is and will continue to be compliantwith regulations and up-to-date• A solution that is currently live and tested with payrollprocessors and third party administrators• A solution devised to be cost effective, and geared tomiddle market and smaller clients.
  5. 5. Flexibility—Your choice• Partner option– We administer and implement– Your clients know they are working with Elect• Private Label option– We are responsible for the ongoing maintenance of the platform– You or your client does the administration– Your working relationship with Elect is invisible to your clients• Software licensing only– You license our software– We work with you on implementation, but ongoing maintenance is yourresponsibility
  6. 6. Why We Are Different#1. We are experienced ―roll up your sleeves‖ benefitadministrators by practice.- Over 90 years combined experience in benefitsadministration and HR (solutions, compliance, trustedadvisors).#2. We are experienced benefit administrationtechnologists and systems implementers.- Played key roles in the design, development, marketing andgrowth of proprietary benefits administration and HR solutionsin the USA
  7. 7. Why We Are Different#3. We have taken best practices and lessons learnedfrom every sector of industry.- F50, F100, F500, F1000, SMB- Over 1,500 plan designs implemented#4. We support Benefit Administration Providers--Period!
  9. 9. Implementation WizardeLECT has user friendly and intuitive toolsets to implement the benefitplan design, pricing and plan rules
  10. 10. Implementation WizardLess data entry resulting in rapid deployment
  11. 11. Publish AuditseLECT will audit your plan design input and alert you to any errors
  13. 13. Content Management- All content is controlled by the designed administrator.- Changes can be scheduled or they can be immediate.
  14. 14. Customized Employee Web Portal
  15. 15. Secure Message Center-Employees use the Contact US and Inbox feature to securelycommunicate with designated administrators-Secure Message Center is HIPAA HITECH compliant
  16. 16. Secure Message CenterAdministrators and Employees communicate via the eLECTSecure Message Center
  17. 17. Group MessagingSend communications to all employees or selected groups ofemployees
  19. 19. Role Based AdministrationCreate roles and associate a role with specific processes
  20. 20. Role Based AdministrationAssign Users to the role
  21. 21. Administrator Portal-Dashboard Reporting (Demographic, Benefits and Enrollment View)-Access Service Requests from the Bulletin Board-Search Employee Feature
  22. 22. Administrator PortalAccess employee elections, dependents and beneficiaries for addand edit capabilities.
  23. 23. Data Import SummaryReview data import detail from our staging environment
  24. 24. Data Export and Reporting-User friendly and intuitive toolset to create reports via wizard-Save and re-use reports-Copy and change detail
  25. 25. Data Export and ReportingDrag and drop fields you need. Sort, filter and generateyour report
  26. 26. eLectBuilt by Benefit Administratorsfor Benefit Administrators