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Startup360 is the world's 1st all-in-1 virtual entrepreneur marketplace ecosystem that helps every entrepreneur to connect, collaborate, and promote their ideas/ventures with local business, and global trade ecosystem.

Startup360 comes with built-in marketing automation features for automatic follow-up, and learning management system for on-demand training and courses.

Angel and VC investors can easily and quickly browse thru startups based on their preferences (i.e., investment size, industry, and product stage).

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  • Startup360 is an all-in-1 virtual expo marketplace that enables entrepreneurs, investors, and mentors/academia to connect, collaborate, and promote the latest innovation; and bring ideas to market quickly and easily.
  • We have tremendous tractions from various market segments ranging from local community such as Chamber of Commerce as well as enterprise and global organizations.
  • Entrepreneurs from all over the world face the top 3 challenges:What and how can I turn my idea to product for business?How do I get validation and tractions/qualified leads?How and where do I get seed funding?
  • Organization can host Virtual Startup Pitch to help entrepreneur to polish their pitch for investors. At the same time, entrepreneurs can gain instant feedback from potential investors and peer colleagues for potential collaboration.
  • Startups and entrepreneurs can: Showcase their products and ideas 24/7 Engage multiple interactions with customersLaunch live chat and live webinar anytime with potential investor and customerConduct survey for customer feedbackLaser-focus ideal customer using built-in marketing intelligence Investors can provide feedback and review live and on-demand
  • Startup360 is not just for Virtual Startup Pitch everyday or every week. Organization can host Virtual Expo by industry just as if you were to host a physical trade show. This will also complement any physical events like trade shows and meetup for on-going collaboration.
  • Besides the challenges of gaining tractions and exposure, most entrepreneurs need to learn to avoid common pitfalls and mistakes of startups. They can learn it from both live and on-demand courses as well as ongoing discussion board.
  • Our business model is based on Software as Service (SasS) and on-demand models where we charge event organizer and exhibitors for monthly or annual subscriptions. Other revenue stream comes as revenue sharing from physical content of each trade show and online training courses.
  • We have a patent pending on our Virtual Expo Marketplace Network as well other features. Fast and easy to use – Just like our company’s name, we can launch a virtual expo marketplace in a few minutes. Our goal is to model webinar technologies that every organization can host a virtual expo in a matter of minutes or hours. White Label licensing capability - we are the only company that offers organization to host their own private label virtual expo marketplace with direct integration with their company. End-to-End integration - we are the only company that has direct integration with CRM (i.e., SalesForce, SugarCRM) and email marketing campaign (i.e., Mailchimp, ConstantContac), and event management software (i.e., eventbrite), learning management system (eLearingZoom, Canvas), and live streaming (i.e.,, LiveStream,YouTube).Our ultimate competitive advantage lies in our virtual business ecosystem across every virtual expo network.
  • In addition to maximum exposure and insightful education, StartupExpo365 offers the ultimate network effect enabling every entrepreneur to network between startups, local business, and global business overseas. This will open up unlimited market opportunities for collaboration and global trade. With eZ-Xpo Virtual Expo Marketplace Network’, companies can connect, collaborate, and promote their products/services within their network and/ outside the network.
  • 1. Entrepreneurs Boost the overall funding success rateReduce the funding process timeBoost qualified leads for customers and potential investors2.  Angel/VC networkBoost deal flows and global partnership opportunities worldwide by country, regions, and cityBoost bottom-line investment ROIShorten screening time for funding3.  Mentors CommunityBoost innovation joint venture opportunities between entrepreneurs, academic community, and angel investorsShorten time to market from concept to product commercialization
  • Finally, I just want to share with you one thought. Imagine that you have this game changer application that you can offer to all the companies in your portfolio tomorrow. That will forever change the way marketers will showcase their products/services and collaborate with each other in a virtual business ecosystem. How will this help every company to connect, collaborate, and promote for constant qualified leads everyday?Thank you for your time.
  • Startup360 - Virtual Startup Marketplace Ecosystem

    1. 1. StartUp360 Virtual Start-up Ecosystem by Matt Fok, Founder & CEO of eZ-Xpo
    2. 2. What is Startup360? • The World’s First Virtual Entrepreneur Marketplace Ecosystem for : – Entrepreneurs – Investors – Mentor Community Investors Entrepreneurs Mentors
    3. 3. Early Customer Adopters & Partners Local Enterprise Global 3
    4. 4. Global Entrepreneur Challenges How Do You Get Maximum Visibility?
    5. 5. Solution - Virtual Pitch Contest Showcase Your Product to Investors Worldwide
    6. 6. Feature – Virtual Showcase • Judge Rating & Peer Review • Live Chat Collaboration & Engagement • Automatic Follow-up Shorten Funding Cycle & Boost Marketing ROI
    7. 7. Feature - Virtual Expo Maximize Visibility for Funding & Collaboration
    8. 8. Feature - Virtual Startup Academy • Live & On-Demand Training & Mentoring • Many to Many Collaboration • Self Assessment Avoid Common Pitfalls & Mistakes
    9. 9. Startup360 Business Models Event-Driven Sales Transactions • Attendee, Sponsorship, Exhibitor SaaS & On-Demand • Monthly Subscription 9
    10. 10. Startup360 Competitive Advantages Unlimited End-to-End Virtual Xpo Marketplace Network Comparison Others Startup360 1. Virtual Pitch Engagement No  2. Virtual Expo & Conference No  3. Brand Flexibility No  4. End-to-End Integration No 5. Viral Network Effect No Local, Global, Regional
    11. 11. Ultimate Benefits – Regional Innovation Cluster Network 3. Startup Ecosystem 1. Local Ecosystem 2. Global Ecosystem (Private Business Network Marketplace) Constant Qualified Leads Across Networks
    12. 12. Win-Win-Win Benefits 1. Entrepreneurs • Boost the overall funding success rate 2. Angel/VC network • Boost bottom-line investment ROI • Shorten screening time for funding 3. Mentors Community • Boost innovation joint venture opportunities
    13. 13. For Further Information Please contact Matt Fok at 415-533-8866 or Connect – Collaborate – Promote