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List of E-Learning Softwares Solutions for Subjects in Vocational education

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Mailer e learning vocational education

  1. 1. Empowering Transformation e-Learning Technical & Vocational EducationBridging the capacity gap in technical and vocational educatione-Learning Solutions for ITI / Vocational EducationAdvanced Electronics (Microprocessor) (VE01)l Automobile Engineering Technicians (Basic Concepts) (VE02) ll Analog Electronics (VE03)Basic Basic Digital Electronics (VE04) ll Electrical System (VE05)Basic Basic Electrical Circuits (VE06) ll Electronics (VE07)Basic Basic Power Generation, Transmission and - ll Wiring and Winding (VE09)Basic Distribution (VE08)Beautician (Hair cutting) (VE10)l Beautician (Skin Care) (VE11) lCarpenter (VE12)l l Machines (VE13) CNCComputer Embroidery Machine (VE14)l Computer Data Entry Operators (VE15) lCutting & Sewing (VE16)l Dairy Technology (VE17) lDesktop Publishing Operator (VE18)l Diesel Engine Mechanic (VE19) lDraughtsman (Civil) (VE20)l Draughtsman (Mechanical) (VE21) lElectrical Circuits and Network for Electricians -l Electrical Drawing For Electricians (VE23) land Wireman (VE22) Electrical Machines for Industrial Electricians (VE24) lElectrical Measuring Instrument (VE25)l Estimation and Costing (CE09) lFitter (VE26)l Food Technology (VE27) lFoundryman (Basic Concepts) (VE28)l Fundamentals of Computer (IT01) lGrinder Mechanic (Basic Theory) (VE29)l Garment Design Techniques/ Fashion Technology (VE30) lIndustrial Automation (VE31)l Information Technology & Electronics System - ll & Fixtures (Basic Theory) (VE33)Jigs Maintenance (VE32)Mechanic - Automobile (Basic Theory) (VE34)l Mechanic (Domestic, Commercial Refrigeration & Air- lMechanic Auto Electronics (VE36)l Conditioning Machine) (VE35)Mechanic Automobile (Basic Theory) (VE37)l Mechanic Communication Equipment Maintenance (VE38) lMechanic General Electronics (VE39)l Mechanic Repairs of Electrical Machines (VE40) lMechanic Refrigeration & Air Conditioning (Basic Theory) (VE41) ll Mechanical Measurement Instruments (VE42)Milling Machine Mechanic (Basic Concepts) (VE43)l Milling Machine Mechanic/Operator (Basic concepts) (VE44) lMobile Communication Technology (Basic Concepts) (VE45) ll Operation & Maintenance of Equipments used in HT, -Packaging Technology (VE47)l LT, Substation & Cable Jointing (VE46)Plumbing & Sanitary Inspector (VE48)l Repair & Maintenance of Domestic Appliances (VE49) lRepair & Maintenance of Electrical Machine & -l Repair & Maintenance of Electronics Test - lPower Supply (VE50) Equipments (VE51)
  2. 2. Sheet Metal Worker (Basic Concepts) (VE52)l Soldering Technology (VE53) lStenography (English) (VE54)l Tools and Dies (Basic Concepts) (VE55) lTurning - Lathe Machine (VE56)l UPS/Voltage Stabilizer/Inverters and Industrial - lWelding (Basic Concepts) (VE58)l Drives (VE57)Winder Electricians (VE59)l Biomedical Recorders (VE60) lBiomedical Display Systems (VE61)l Biomedical Telemetry (VE62) lBiomedical Signals and Physiological Transducers (VE63)l Biomedical Theories of Measurement (VE64) lComputer Applications in Medical Field (VE65)l Cardiovascular Measurements (VE66) lMedical Ultrasonic Imaging Systems (VE67)l Patient Care and Monitoring Instruments (VE68) lX-Ray Machines and Computer Tomography (VE69)l Computer Tutor - Organization & Structure (VE70) lComputer Tutor - Principles of Management (VE71)l Computer Tutor - Human Resource Management (VE72) lComputer Tutor - Team Management (VE73)l Computer Tutor - Strategic Planning (VE74) lComputer Tutor - Time Management (VE75)l Computer Tutor - Leadership & Motivation (VE76) lComputer Tutor - Decision Making (VE77)l Computer Tutor - Operation Management (VE78) lComputer Tutor - Measurement & Accountability (VE79)l Computer Tutor - Management of Change (VE80) lComputer Tutor - Communication (Office / Business) (VE81)l Computer Tutor - Business Ethics & Culture (VE82) lComputer Tutor - Entrepreneurship (VE83)l Computer Tutor - Placements & Training (VE84) lComputer Tutor (Networking) (VE85)l Computer Tutor (Tally) (VE86) lComputer Tutor (Word) (VE87)l Computer Tutor (Excel) (VE88) lComputer Tutor (Power Point) (VE89)l Computer Tutor (Internet & Emails) (VE90) lComputer Tutor (Software Testing) (VE91)l Computer Tutor (ISO 9001-2000) (VE92) lComputer Tutor (Six Sigma) (VE93)l Computer Tutor - Database (DBMS/RDBMS, MS Access, - lComputer Tutor - Desktop Publishing (Page Maker, -l MY SQL, Oracle) (VE94) Corel Draw) (VE95) l Computer Tutor - Internet Technologies (Java, -Computer Tutor - Operating Systems (Unix & Linux) (VE97)l Core Java, Advanced Java) (VE96)Computer Tutor - PC Hardware (VE98)l Computer Tutor - PC - Maintenance & - lComputer Tutor - (Photoshop/Flash) (VE100)l Troubleshooting (VE99)Computer Tutor - (Dreamweaver) (VE101)l Computer Tutor - Web Designing (HTML/DHTML) (VE102) lComputer Tutor - GIS (Geographical Information -l Computer Tutor - Basics of RFID (VE104) lSystem) (VE103) Computer Tutor - CAD (AutoCAD) (VE105) ll Ways to Get More From Your Digital Camera (VE106) l100 Secrets of Speech (VE107)Some of our customers Mombasa Technical International Islamic Nyeri Technical Training Govt.Polytechnic, Training Institute, University Institute,Kenya Ahmedabad IIT Kanpur IIT Mumbai SVNIT, Surat Malviya NIT, Jaipur NIT, Kurukshetra Mombasa, Kenya Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia LD Engineering Reva EngineeringGovt. Polytechnic, Shillong Polytechnic Govt. Polytechnic, Industrial Training Industrial Training Govt. Engineering CME, Pune College Ahmedabad College, Rewa Nilokheri Meghalaya Kandaghat Institute, Institute, College Modasa Solan Aundh Note: All logos depicted above belong to the respective institutesCall us now. "Our Technology Partner”Our consultant will talkto you right away Empowering Transformation +91 20 2421 7676 / 8747 SoftTech Engineers Pvt. Ltd. The Pentagon-5A, 5th Floor, Shahu College Road, Pune - 411 009 Tel: +91 20 2421 7676 / 8747 Fax: +91 20 2421 8747 Website: