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List of Subjects in Technical education for Engineering & Diploma Colleges

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Mailer e learning technical education

  1. 1. Empowering Transformation e-Learning Technical & Vocational EducationBridging the capacity gap in technical and vocational educatione-learning Solutions In Technical EducationFirst Year EngineeringApplied / Engineering Mechanics (FYE01)l Engineering Graphics/Drawing (FYE02) lElements of Mechanical Engineering (FYE03)l Elements of Electronics Engineering (FYE04) lElements of Electrical Engineering (FYE05)l Elements of Civil Engineering (FYE06) lWorkshop Technology (FYE07)l Applied Chemistry (FYE08) lApplied Physics (FYE09)l Applied / Material Science - I (FYE10) lApplied / Material Science - II (FYE11)l Basics of Environmental Studies (FYE12) lCommunication Skills (FYE13)l Computer Programming & Utilization (FYE14) lE&TC / Industrial Electronics / Instrumentation EngineeringElectronics Materials & Components (ET01)l Electronic Measuring Instruments (ET02) lDigital Techniques & Applications (ET03)l Electronic Devices and Circuits (ET04) lElectro Magnetic Field Theory (ET05)l Antenna Engineering & Waves Propagation (ET06) lDigital Communication & Circuits (ET07)l Digital Signal Processing (ET08) lSignals & Sensors (ET09)l Microprocessor 8085 Lab (ET10) lMicroprocessor & Microcontroller (ET11)l Power Electronics (ET12) lVLSI-Design Techniques (ET13)l Communication Systems (ET14) lMobile Communication (ET15)l Data Communication & Networking (ET16) lDigital Image Processing (ET17)l Embedded Systems (ET18) lMicrowave Engineering (ET19)l Optical Fiber Communication (ET20) ll System (ET21)RFID Bio-Medical Electronics Engineering (ET22) lComputerized Process Control System (ET23)l Industrial Automation (ET24) lLinear Integrated Circuits (ET25)lMechanical / Automobile / Production EngineeringAutomobile Engineering (ME01)l Manufacturing Processes (ME02) lMachine Design (ME03)l Thermodynamics (ME04) lThermal Engineering (ME05)l Theory of Machines (ME06) lQuality Management System (ME07)l Metrology & Quality Control (ME08) lRefrigeration & Air Conditioning (ME09)l l Machine (ME10) CNCMechatronics (ME11)l Power Plant Engineering (ME12) ll & Automation (ME13)CAM Energy Audit & Managements (ME14) lRenewable Energy Sources (ME15)l Robotics & Automation (ME16) lUnconventional Machining (ME17)l Nano Technology (ME18) lWorkshop Technology (FYE07)l Fluid Mechanics (CE10) ll – Non Destructive Testing (CE20)NDT Energy Conversion Systems (EE11) l
  2. 2. Electrical EngineeringElectrical Circuits and Networks (EE01)l Electrical Machines (EE02) lElectrical Measurement and Instrumentation (EE03)l Electrical Engineering Materials (EE04) lNumerical Methods and Computational -l Electrical Power System (EE06) lTechniques (EE05) Electrical Conservation System (EE07) lModern Control System (EE08)l Switch Gear & Protection (EE09) lElectrical & Illumination Design (EE10)l Energy Convertion System (EE11) lRepair of Electrical Machines (EE12)l Industrial Electronics (EE13) lMicroprocessor & Microcontroller (ET11)l Power Electronics (ET12) lPower Plant Engineering (ME13)l Renewable Energy Sources (ME15) ll Non Destructive Testing (CE20)NDT-Civil / Architecture / Agricultural EngineeringMechanics of Structure (Strength of Materials) (CE01)l Concrete Technology (CE02) lSoil Mechanics (CE03)l Surveying – I (CE04) lBuilding Construction (CE05)l Building Material (CE06) ll Engineering Drawing (CE07)Civil Theory of Structure (CE08) lEstimation & Costing (Quantity Survey & Estimation) (CE09)l Hydraulics /Fluid Mechanics (CE10) lIrrigation Engineering (CE11)l Sanitary Engineering (CE012) lSurveying - II (CE13)l Transportation Engineering (CE14) lFoundation Engineering (CE15)l Environmental Engineering (Water Supply Engineering) (CE16) ll& Remote Sensing (CE17)GIS Design of Structure (RCC & STEEL) (CE18) lEarth Quake Engineering (CE19)l NDT- Non Destructive Testing (CE20) lInformation Technology / Computer Science EngineeringlBasics of Using Computer / Computer Fundamentals (Windows 98 / 2000 / XP, Internet basics, MS Office - MS Word, Excel, Power point) (IT01)Desktop Publishing (PageMaker & Corel Draw) (IT02)l Database (DBMS / RDBMS, MS Access, MY SQL, Oracle) (IT03) lInternet Technologies (Java, Core Java, Advanced Java) (IT04)l Microsoft .net (.net Essential, ASP .net, VB .Net, C#) (IT05) lOperating Systems (UNIX& Linux) (IT06)l Programming (Programming Concepts, C, C++, Visual Basic, - lScripting Language (ASP, XML, WAP / WML) (IT08)l Developer 2000) (IT07)l Designing (HTML, DHTML, Dreamweaver, Flash, -Web PC Hardware Maintenance & Troubleshooting (IT10) l Photoshop) (IT09) Computer Organization (IT11) llArtificial intelligence & Expert System (IT12) Computer Graphics (IT13) lHRD & Training Soft Skill’s DevelopmentOrganizations & Structures (SS01)l Principles of Management (SS02) lHuman Resource Management (SS03)l Team Management (SS04) lStrategic Planning (SS05)l Time Management (SS06) lLeadership & Motivation (SS07)l Decision Making (SS08) lOperation Management (SS09)l Measurement & Accountability (SS10) lManagement of Change (SS11)l Communication (SS12) lEthics and Culture (SS13)l Entrepreneurship (SS14) lPlacements & Training (SS15)lCall us now. "Our Technology Partner”Our consultant will talkto you right away Empowering Transformation +91 20 2421 7676 / 8747 SoftTech Engineers Pvt. Ltd. The Pentagon-5A, 5th Floor, Shahu College Road, Pune - 411 009 Tel: +91 20 2421 7676 / 8747 Fax: +91 20 2421 8747 Website: