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2014 e learning innovations conference role of elearning in delivery of srh peter njuguna nop-efinal2


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2014 e learning innovations conference

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2014 e learning innovations conference role of elearning in delivery of srh peter njuguna nop-efinal2

  1. 1. Peter Njuguna, NOPE ICT MANAGER NATIONAL ORG.OF PEER EDUCATORS 31st July 2014, the Safari Park Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya Role of eLearning in delivery of SRH services in Kenya A Case of NOPE Peer Education eLearning Program
  2. 2. Take home • Successfully implementing Learning Management system • Build a strong advocacy case for developing free ‘eContent’ to benefit all Kenyans • How eLearning can change the delivery of social programs through as a cost effective delivery option • Where do we go from here
  3. 3. Background • NOPE NGO was registered in 2000 with int. mandate in 2007 starting with peer-centered programs • Core Business: Behavioral, Biomedical and structural services • Has trained over 1.5 million youth Peer Educators(PE), TOTs, CHWs in Kenya • Trained over 100,000 Workplace PEs • Trained over 50,000 MSM & FSW • Presence in Uganda, Works in Tanzania, S-Sudan, Puntland, Liberia and Eastern Europe • Minimum package**
  4. 4. ELearning Initiatives • Developers of National MSM curriculum • Hosts the YPEER cyber peer – Success CD based and online PE – Certification – Targets 14- 25 year olds • Support Workplace programs (blue color and jua kali) • Hosts the Biennial NOPE Conference on Sexuality, Peer Educators, HIV and AIDS • Innovators of Ambassadors of Change program Apx. 20,000 Nairobi students
  5. 5. Kenya Airways Employee Wellness Program • KQ is among the largest airlines in Africa • The business is travel most employees are not physically in the office • 75% of the employees are between ages 21 and 49 Years • KAP survey was done in 2008 by NOPE • ELearning was recommended as delivery method to reach most staff
  6. 6. Counseling Sessions by category from a service provider Source: Kenya Airways, Jane Munyi
  7. 7. Implementation • Moodle 1.6.x then eFront – Transfer of a 52 Week curricular online content – Visuals as used in hardcopies++ & Videos – Pre-Post tests - Assessments – Feel and Look of the Landing page – Kept Simplicity and need for ePeer Education • 3 months implementation, 2 months break, 1 year close • 3 people involved from NOPE Manager, IT officer and a Trainer • First time dare devil attempt to bring change • Already invoiced for the job • Final Product to be part of the KAP report
  8. 8. Challenges • Acceptance by trainers (staff) • Interface Design and complexity of moodle • Prototyping and landing on a final product (sign-off) • Inclusion of “Participatory” in the content • ELearning specific curricular and content • Virgin ground – meant IT was left front all initiatives • ROI and business case for KQ • Staffing ownership and championing change
  9. 9. How we overcame • Do not fear mistakes. You will know failure. Continue to reach out. Benjamin Franklin • Content is the driver, customizing everyday • Simplicity is Key - back & front end • Need for elearning outcomes consensus and Metrics for impact • Mistakes laid ground for current project • Need for SDLC – systems development lifecycle • Review of content, switch of to a friendlier platform • Organization registration – The NOPE International Institute
  10. 10. Before
  11. 11. Now
  12. 12. Why we need eLearning in Social Work • Access to mobile is heading to 100% • Cheaper to implement • Open Source LMS – PHP, MySQL • ELearning goes beyond LMS – YouTube, Videos, Social Media • Willing partners NGO, PPP, government and stakeholders here • Social Enterprise possibility • Leverage on the standards, experts, lessons, models.. • Minimum package can be agreed upon
  13. 13. Conclusion • LMS are varieties and need time before you implement • Utilize project management workflow to implement • Keep to perquisites Checked : Standard, Policy/Strategy, Model, Motivations, Ownership, ROI • Creativity and open mind will lead to innovation • Allow Mistakes though costly • Form offline society – meetups, social media etc • Evaluate progress often • Let it be a teams glory • All NGO should be talking to NOPE
  14. 14. Thank You Qs or Cs @njuguna