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Evaluation - Question 3



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Evaluation - Question 3

  1. 1. Evaluation – Question 3 What have you learned from audience feedback? In order to get a rounded perspective on my soap opera ‘No Escape’ I gathered various types of audience feedback so that I could identify the successful features of my soap opera trailer and any improvements that would make the trailer more appealing. I collected both qualitative and quantitative data through Survey Monkey, Facebook and audio feedback. By using a variety of different methods to gather my audience feedback it allowed me to get a broad spectrum of feedback from different age groups to see their opinion on the trailer no matter if they were the target audience or not. A successful aspect of my trailer that was identified by the audience was the variety of different camera angles and shots as from the survey that I collected 50% said that there was a ‘good’ variety of camera angles and 40% said that there was ‘amazing’ use of camera angles and shots which were effective in capturing the audience. Similarly, in the qualitative feedback the audience said that “varied camera angles and effects allow different perspectives to be seen which creates dramatic effect”. From both of the qualitative and quantitative data it connotes that the use of camera angles and shots within the trailer allow the audience to engage successfully with the soap opera as through the variety of shots and angles it gives the audience an insight into what is going to happen within the soap opera. Through the audience feedback another successful feature that was identified was the choice of soundtrack and the way the trailer was edited in order for the soundtrack to be synchronous to the sound. This success is shown with over 30% saying the soundtrack was ‘good’ and just under 70% saying was ‘amazing’ connoting that the soundtrack that we used which was a more techno upbeat song which allowed us to show off out editing skills, giving the whole effect of the trailer a bigger impact on the audience. Then again in the Facebook feedback “the soundtrack was in sync with the clip, specifically the opening shot with the beat in time with the actors footsteps” and the audio “the soundtrack works really effectively with the action, it parallels with the events that are unfolding and especially at the start of the trailer there are a couple of seconds before the beat actually drops so it creates this whole idea of suspense and you’re on edge from the very beginning of the trailer to the finish”. By looking at this feedback it shows that the soundtrack that I used was effective in terms of capturing the audience using the combination of the editing with the soundtrack to make the trailer look professional, also allowing the audience to easily follow the storyline. Another success of our trailer was found through the feedback that the most obvious themes are identifiable by the audience as nearly 70% of the survey said that bullying is a key theme within, then just over 30% identifying conflict as a theme. Similarly, within the Facebook and audio feedback this audience also identified themes of bullying, relationships, revenge and jealousy. From both the qualitative and quantitative data I have found that the themes that are shown within my trailer such as the current issues in society such as mental health issues and bullying, which not until recently, were taboo subjects. Due to the audience being able to identify some of the key themes within our trailer this
  2. 2. Evaluation – Question 3 means that these issues can be brought to their attention, making our soap opera ‘No Escape’ more successful and appeal to the target demographic of 16 – 25 year olds as these kinds of issues are relatable for this audience. Lastly, a success that was prevalent from my feedback was the 100% of people in the survey said that this soap opera was suitable for the intended target audience with less than 20% of 22-25 year olds, over 30% of 19-21 year olds and 50% of 16-18 year olds taking part in this survey. Not only did I achieve this result throughout the feedback that I have gathered as all the Facebook feedback that I received, all of the participants said that this soap was suitable for the target audience and that they would also be interested in watching ‘No Escape’ if it were to be broadcasted on the institution of BBC Two. I also surprisingly found that when I gathered my audio feedback that the participant that did not fit into the target age group of 16 – 25 year olds also found this soap opera intriguing and said “I do feel as though this trailer would also appeal to older age groups, it is interesting, it does grip you and though it is aimed at 16 – 25 year olds it could also be appealing to older age groups as well”, this was surprising because of the dynamics of the soap opera not always ‘repeating’ (Neale) conventions that are typically seen in the soap opera genre; however, this means that this soap opera possibly has a wider scope of audience than we originally anticipated. Some areas in which our trailer could be improved upon is the importance and symbolism of the red that is consistent within the ancillary tasks however apart from in the ‘No Escape’ logo, isn’t identifiable. From my survey 40% of the participants said that the colour red was not identifiable within the trailer, this denotes that any uses of red has not been enhanced or drawn the attention of the audience. In order to improve my trailer, I would try to make the ‘enigma clues’ (Barthes) more obvious and include more symbolism within the trailer so that the audience will easily identify a possible hidden meaning behind the scenes, characters and camera angles and shots that we used; also by adding these features it will “inform” (Katz) the audience, giving them even more hints and clues as to what will happen to the characters making the audience more intrigued and leaves the audience wanting more. Finally, another area that could be improved upon is maybe adding a bigger variety of camera angles and shots as almost 10% of the feedback that I received on Survey Monkey said that the camera shots and angles are “alright” suggesting that there is room to improve on this area of my trailer, however the majority of the qualitative feedback said that they liked the variety of camera shots and angles with the editing and that there was a wide variety of shots and angles shown within the trailer. In conclusion, I have learnt what has made my trailer successful such as the current themes of society being shown within the trailer, highlighting their importance and the effects of these issues, another aspect that made my trailer successful was the effective use of the soundtrack and how the editing is synchronous with the action within the trailer, however there were some areas to improve on but overall I have learnt from the audience feedback that the trailer was effective and appealed to the target age range.