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  1. 1. EvaluationEleanor Lynch-Kinnear
  2. 2. In this course I have been able to use many different types of media products to develop the forms and conventions of real media products. To produce the magazine front cover I used Photoshop which I had previously used before I found this package not that hard to use and was able to use this well, for my contents page I used a package called Quark this was a new package that I hadn’t used before. I found this package a little hard to use at first as it was something new.As I followed the codes and conventions that are used for front covers and applied this to my magazine front cover, I was able to develop some of these codes and conventions as on the front cover I produced, some of the writing on the front cover is over the person’s face which shouldn’t be done the main image should have direct address which I applied to mine. I followed the codes an conventions as the font used for the title shouldn’t be used again I have applied this to my magazine front cover also the title should be bold font. My front cover has a website and barcode but as I left out a date and issue number which is in the codes and conventions of the magazine. I broke the codes a conventions as the font on the front cover was a bigger size than what should have been used as I used size 30 which I haven’t followed the regular size it should be I can make sure that next time I produce a magazine I used the right sized font. I didn’t follow the codes and conventions as all of the cover lines should be in capitals which I haven’t done as this is something which could be improved in my next magazine, also the cover lines should have one main cover line which is the main story I applied this to my magazine. On my front cover I never done a positioning statement just below the title as a line of promotion for the magazine, I will be able to develop this next time. On the front cover I could have used more buzz words to attract people but as I only used one word as I should have used more. On the front over I only did one sub line which every cover line should have a sub line as this give some detail to the cover lines as this is something I can improve on. The cover lines should also frame the image which mine go over the image a little which shouldn’t be done as this is breaking the codes and conventions.
  3. 3. On my contents page there is usually a section that is used for the credits which I didn’t apply to mine so I have more space which should have been cover up with sections like this. I have stuck to the colour scheme throughout and haven’t changed the colours; also this is one of the codes and conventions which I have applied to my magazine front cover and contents page. I applied the codes and conventions on the contents page I have put subscription information at the bottom left hand corner which includes website and number for them to call, as this section should have more information in them like website, phone number, address, price for number of issues and name of editor, as I only included two of them I could of included them all. I have only used one main image and used 3 smaller images on the contents page which was one of the codes and conventions I was able to apply this to my contents page. Content pages are usually in 2/3 columns which mine was in three columns so I followed the codes and conventions. In the contents page there is usually two sections monthly and regular I applied this to my magazine also the main image should link in with the double page spread. The main image should take over 2 columns as I didn’t really follow as mine is in one column but is quite big. The page number on the contents page should be in a different colour to the text so that it stands out from the rest I did put mine in a different colour but mine was just darker not much difference. I also followed the codes and conventions as I put a line break in between the stories so that the reader was able to identify that it was a different story and was more clear to read, the page number was suppose to be put next to each story which I followed this and mine was next to the story titles. I didn’t follow the codes and conventions as I didn’t put page numbers on the images which should shave been done to make sure that the readers knew what page to go to to look for that story.I found that both the front cover and the contents page could of been improved a lot and I could of made them follow all of the codes and conventions which I will do next time I make magazine as most f the codes and conventions weren’t applied to my front cover or magazine as I got the basics down but didn’t follow all of the codes and conventions. From what I have produced I think that I could have made my contents page a lot better and my front cover if I was able to use the packages with more knowledge, as I wasn’t that confident when using the packages. Overall I found that my contents and front cover could have had more information on them so that they could have been improved. I will take this all into consideration so that next time I will be able to apply this to my magazine.