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Evaluation (8063)


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Evaluation (8063)

  1. 1. A2 Media Evaluation G324 advanced portfolio Eleanor Goldson 8063 Teaser Trailer
  2. 2. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?  When I looked at the products that were similar to my own ideas for my product, I was able to observe the techniques used (lighting, camera shots, editing, sound, mise-en- scene etc.), as well as compare the differences between each one. Through this, I could then develop my ideas and present them in a way that was identifiable as a romantic- comedy teaser trailer to the audience.  I think my media product has used a lot of stereotypical conventions, as well challenging some of the typical conventions. I used bright colours, the year of release, and the editing was in sync with the music. I also made sure it’s duration was under two minutes.
  3. 3.  I also made sure that my choice of music played over the trailer related both musically and lyrically to the story and emotion of the plot, like the trailers I researched.To challenge the forms of many ‘rom-com’ teaser trailers, I used a female voiceover and didn’t focus on each character individually as a way of introducing them (ie. medium shots with their character or real name visible at the bottom of the screens). Click on the sound icon for a preview of the voiceover  I did this because although the main character is male, he is within a feminine world of relationships and jealousy, and not introducing each character to the audience would oblige the viewer to want to research this new production (via the internet). Also, the title of the film as well as the narrative of the trailer would encourage the audience to guess what role the characters play and the relationships between them.  The overlapping text at the beginning (my company name) is surrounded by flashing lights that the viewer might associate with paparazzi cameras, in a rotating motion , much like the introduction to films that are produced by the Working Title company.The background colours are warm and match the theme and colour scheme of the rest of the teaser, as well as my ancillary products. The font style of the film’s title resembles that of a comic book, which reflects the drama and humour of the film’s plot. I placed it in between Alice and Johnny metaphorically, as Kate gets in between their relationship. The colour of some of the end scenes such as this one are slightly blue to reflect the cold atmosphere.
  4. 4. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?  Media industries tend to come up with the best ways to advertise their products by creating promotional packages that relate both to the product and target audience. For example, a new film trailer may get advertised a couple of months before it is distributed to cinemas through a number of channels that are owned by the maker’s company. Short clips (the teaser) might be shown during commercials and advertising space might be bought in magazines and outdoor bulletins. This increases admission rates and profitability.  In relation to my product, I had to ensure that there was a link between my main text and my ancillaries, such as colour scheme. I chose to do a webpage for the film and a magazine cover advertising the film, and looked at other products similar to this, in a form that reflects a romantic-comedy. From the results of my audience feedback, I found that the majority of my target audience believed ancillary texts such as these ‘give you an insight into the themes of the film and additional information’.
  5. 5. This is what my website page would’ve looked like if I had time to convert it into a webpage: Instead I made a poster similar to it’s design:
  6. 6.  Although the title of the film is presented on all texts with a coloured outline, the font differs in all because I wanted this to reflect the notion that Kate’s character changes personality in order to adapt to different situations (ie. she is good at pretending in front of Alice).  However, the colour is completely different on the magazine front cover. I wanted to do this because, in my research, I noticed that many magazines used their own fonts and colour schemes that aren’t specifically reflected in the products they’re publicising. This is an ironic form of advertising, as if to symbolise that the magazine editors have control over the success of the film by bringing the characters into the reality of the reader.
  7. 7. What have you learned from your audience feedback?  Many have said that they thought my production is effectively entertaining because it has humour, romance and made them want to know what would happen to the characters. I showed it to some people a year younger than me, my ideal target audience, and they laughed at some of the scenes (in a positive way). One said that she wanted to see the film that it was advertising, to see how the story would unravel.  Although my storyboard helped me with the editing, there were some scenes that I changed because I felt they had revealed too much of the story, which could be used in a theatrical trailer for the film. This footage featured Kate’s character more, but I wanted her to remain mysterious for the teaser.
  8. 8. How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?  I have used various technology including programmes and software, to help construct my product. I used search engines on the internet for most of my research as this gave me easier access to similar past products which, in terms of looking at magazines, I couldn’t see in shops. The internet provides web pages belonging to film companies and free access to videos via YouTube was very useful. The tools on were easy to use and I took advantage of the extra features it provided, such as a poll.  This was an easier way to get the target audience’s opinions without wasting resources and printing off the multiple choice question for each person. A limitation of this poll is that only two of the respondents were males, which make the results less representative.The blog archive was a good way of organising my research and planning, as well as my time management. Through the Serif PhotoPlus software, I used a Cannon scanner to scan my storyboard so I could upload it electronically onto the blog.  I will be using SlideShare to present this PowerPoint which will make it possible to be shown on my blog, a good use of technical convergence. For my ancillary products, I used software such as Serif and Publisher, which enabled me to edit images and design the layouts. I lacked the skills to create a website from scratch using Dreamweaver.This could’ve been dealt with if I was in a group with people who are talented in various aspects of production.
  9. 9.  With the use of an Apple Mac computer, I was able to upload and edit my filmed footage on iMovie (cutting out the outtakes and adding effective transitions), which will be downloaded onto a DVD. However, the lighting has been hard to adjust without making the picture granulated and ruining the quality. I also used my camera to take photos of my locations so I had an idea as to where I wanted various scenes to be set in. I had to edit these photos on the PC, however, because the quality of them weren’t clear enough.  Furthermore, I used GarageBand to record the voiceover and WavePad to convert the sound from M4A to WMA so it could work on this presentation. This tool enabled me to adjust the picture of my video footage  Without these media technologies, I would not have been able to plan and create my product, like many media institutions. I also relied on my USB, which was a good source of backup for my work if it were accidentally deleted from the school computers.
  10. 10. Shot 12 I did an aerial shot of the main setting with a left to right camera movement, making it sped up when editing. Looking at similar products, the setting of the story seemed to be an important element visually, possibly to show that the characters are not isolated but the focus is on them and their behaviour within a environment. Shot 19 Shot 25 I used shot 19 and 20 again to reflect how Johnny keeps thinking about Kate. I adjusted the lighting exposure and contrast of the repeated shots to make her seem more threatening. However I wasn’t sure if it may lead the viewer into thinking that the presence of Kate’s character will turn the atmosphere into a thriller sub- genre. Flashing fade-outs were used in between these shots and the ones shown on the next slide to reinforce the feeling that these events are happening at different times of the film’s narrative. Shot 20 Shot 23
  11. 11. Bird’s eye shots are usually used to make characters seem weak to gain sympathy from the audience, but in this shot, the camera rotates (I ran around them) to reflect how, although they look happy, their relationship is secretly spiralling out of control. This worm shot of the dandelion with the characters in the distance reinforces the unconscious fact that it is set in autumn and the shot is slightly tilted, again showing the uneasiness of what is to come. I was unsure if this clip was necessary but the party scene is where Johnny introduces himself to Kate and it shows how the story follows on at different times of the day instead of just outside over one afternoon.