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The Sesnon gallery and the UCSC faculty gallery will be presenting the body of work created by Australian artist Eleanor Gates Stuart and students participating in the visiting artist program. The ongoing research project, Mediaesaurus, explores new vocabulary and concepts emerging from digital media and content that is incorporated in our everyday culture. Intertextuality, the idea that unifies the work, deals with the conceptual overlap that occurs in all forms of creative production. As Gates-Stuart articulates, “Students will be challenged, needing to think conceptually about their ideas in relation to print media as they fit in the wider arena of media and print communication.” Utilizing a myriad of techniques, students have created their own research projects in conjunction with the larger topic proposed by Gates-Stuart. After a quarter of intensive work, the students and Gates-Stuart are proud to present their digital and hand-pressed works.

Sesnon Gallery and Porter Faculty Gallery

Exhibition Dates: Dec. 3 – 8, 2010
Reception & Farewell Party: Dec. 3, 5–6 pm Sesnon Gallery
Gallery Hours by appointment 831.459.3606
Artist Talk: Dec. 1 @ 5pm Baskin Arts Seminar Room

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