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Title grapics pres


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Title grapics pres

  2. 2. HOW TITLE GRAPHICS ARE ADDED TO APRODUCTION.First step is to open premier, which is on the desktop.
  3. 3. SECOND STEP:Once the film is uploaded and edited, the next step would be to chosewhere you want the title graphics. At the beginning of the film you needopening credits. You need the name of the film to be shown at some pointduring the 2 minuets.
  4. 4. THIRD STEP:Click on title and go to add new title
  5. 5. FORTH STEP:You will then need to chose default or rolling credits.
  6. 6. FIFTH STEP:A black box will appear and you will type your title into it. You also will nowbe able to chose the font, size and color of the titles.
  7. 7. SIXTH STEP:Close and drag over the top of the video and place the script where youwant it on the film.