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Presentation Dolibarr ERP CRM - what's new in 7.0 - devcamp Nancy 2018


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What's new in Dolibarr v7.
Slide of the presentation done during Dolibarr ERP CRM devcamp in Nancy, March 2018.

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Presentation Dolibarr ERP CRM - what's new in 7.0 - devcamp Nancy 2018

  1. 1. DevCamp Laurent Destailleur – Project leader 2017 Dolibarr ERP CRM What’s new in 7.0
  2. 2. - New features reported by ChangeLog: 239 (including 49 for developers) Note: 119 for 6.0, 102 for 5.0, 103 for 4.0, 131 for 3.9, 110 for 3.8, 76 for 3.7 Summary
  3. 3. Stable : ● Module “Product Variants” ● Module “Unalterable logs” (logs into chained record) Experimental only : ● Module “Website”as experimental ● Module “Module Builder” as experimental New modules
  4. 4. ● Few things were introduced in the Look And Feel : ○ “Create” button is always at right of top of table lines (after pagination). ○ Add a preview icon after all files that can be previewed. ○ Search criterias are saved when opening a card from a list, restored when doing “Back to”. ○ 1 tooltip (including Picto + Ref) on all clickable Refs instead of 2 similar tooltips. ○ Event on main card are limited to last x events, and sorted by date desc. Look and feel v7
  5. 5. ● Enhanced email templates ○ More substitution variables ○ Can include translation and config variables into templates ○ Templates are per user / language ○ Can choose to attach or not by default the document PDF in the template definition ● Enhanced interface to report time consumed (filters, group by project and holidays appears) ● Enhancement into accounting interface (example: accounting now into a dedicated menu) ● More bulk actions (mass delete with a confirmation everywhere, pdf merge, validate...) ● More import / export predefined profiles ● Can use a specific setup for SMTP sending for emailing module ● A tons of minor enhancements in all modules… (see New features
  6. 6. ● Experimental hidden feature to defined several “sender email” profiles. ● Experimental option to define customer prices per quantities. ● Experimental option to add a link for direct download of PDFs (available by default for ECM module, experimental for invoice/order/proposal) New features (experimental only)
  7. 7. ● A lot of duplicated code mutualized in shared includes. ● More and more REST APIs. ● A more complete module skeleton provided with the Module builder… ● Enhancement of extra-fields (hidden fields, translation, mutualizing code, …). ● README file and ChangeLog file of modules automatically used. New features for developers
  8. 8. For a complete list of all changes: Full ChangeLog