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Dolibarr - information for developers and partners - devcamp lyon 2019


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Information for developers during Dolibarr devcamp meeting.

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Dolibarr - information for developers and partners - devcamp lyon 2019

  1. 1. DevCamp Lyon 2019 - France Laurent Destailleur – Project leader 2019 Dolibarr ERP CRM Information for developers and partners
  2. 2. ● Track the bugs each developer (and yourself) has introduced: https://scrutinizer- Did you removed your bugs ? (I started to do it) Things that should be more known
  3. 3. ● Files to describe development organization were introduced in sources: .github/ .github/ .github/ .github/ Take a look at (that is recent). Things that should be more known
  4. 4. ● Test your package with the online module deployer (Home - Setup - Modules - Deploy external module) => If your module does not work when installed using this process, it will be soon removed from ● Enable the option MAIN_SECURITY_CSRF_WITH_TOKEN NOW ! => It will be enabled by default soon (v11 ?). With this option, all <forms> must include this: <input type="hidden" name="token" value="'.$_SESSION['newtoken'].'"> Check and test your own modules are doing this correctly or they will not work anymore with v11 ! Future deprecations
  5. 5. A new philosophy in v10: Only the minimum of files are generated instead of being all generated at module creation. Other files are generated only when you need them in your module. => this make generated modules with less files. The Module Builder module
  6. 6. We are looking for developers to make work on long awaited features/changes: ● Multicurrency fields are not filled on recurring/templates invoices. ● Edition of fields to make a remind (emails and popup) of an event. ● Use the editfieldkey|val to forge fields into view form: ○ print '<tr><td>'; ○ print $form->editfieldkey("LabelOfField", 'fieldname', $object->fieldname, $object, $user->rights->perm); ○ print '</td><td>'; ○ print $form->editfieldval("LabelOfField", 'fieldname', $object->fieldname, $object, $user->rights->perm); ○ print '</td></tr>'; ● Move the checkbox on all lists at begin as first column. ● Import the website into the CMS of the Dolibarr of the foundation. Wanted...
  7. 7. Always available on this link: The future of Dolibarr - TOP 10 strategic features