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The aim of the presentation is to familiarize readers with basic features and applications of Bluetooth Low Energy and iBeacon devices and an indication of how they can be used both in the retail industry, as well as in payment and marketing applications.

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  • Thanks for sharing such a great presentation Lukaz. Of recent there has been a lot of hype around proximity marketing and how it could be one of the most effective tools that can help businesses generate higher ROI with ease. In fact, year 2014 saw a number of brands right from stadiums to casinos, leverage beacons to enhance their customer experience. However, with limited information available on how to run successful beacon campaigns, some of these beacon trials have resulted in huge disappointments. We’ve discussed a few proximity marketing campaign success secrets that will help marketers ace their next campaign here:
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Linteri - iBeacon proximity retail solutions

  1. 1. proximity retail solutions
  3. 3. WHAT IS A BEACON? • Beacon is „sea lantern” - it periodically emits unique signal • Uses energy-saving Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) also called Bluetooth Smart, which enables it operate up to 1 year on a single watch battery • It is also possible to read signal strenght, which enables proximity measurement with up to 5cm accuracy • Beacons can emit signals up to 70 meters away.
  5. 5. BEACON FEATURES • They emit unique signal • Smartphone app decides what action to take once in contact with the beacon • App can act upon contact with beacon even if idle (eg. in minimized state) • You can also use iOS devices like iPads and iPhones acting as beacons • Ability to register for system notifications when devices enter and leave beacon region • Estimation of proximity to the beacon with great accuracy • Providing indoor navigation for users without GPS and/or wifi • No need for wifi, 3G or GPS enabled on smartphone in order to communicate with beacons
  6. 6. SCALE OF IMPACT • All Apple devices with iOS 7 (80% of currently active devices - around 600 milionów iPads and iPhones). In Poland - around 500.000 devices. 2014 the number will grow by 28% (according to Gartner) • Android smartphones and tablets running OS 4.3 (Jelly Bean) and up - around 24% of devices, which means 250 million devices worldwide). 2014 roku this number will grow by 26% (according to Gartner) • By 2015 we will have around 22.000.000 smartphones in Poland • BLE technology is currently present in all new iOS, Android and Windows Phone operating systems • BLE - technology enabling communication with beacons - due to its low power consumption will probably be enabled by default in new versions of smartphone OS’es • Big brands using beacons: Macy’s, American Eagle, Apple, Best Buy, JCPenney, NFL, Old Navy, Target
  7. 7. FUTURE OF BEACONS • All mobile devices can communicate with beacons and with each other in seamless fation • BLE is always on - users manage communication like they currently do with notifications • Mobile OS’es reccomend contextually relevant apps based on users’ locations (e.g. while entering Starbucks you are recommended to use Starbucks mobile app here)
  9. 9. MACY’S Mobile shopping assistant
  10. 10. COVER Simple restaurant payments
  11. 11. COVER
  12. 12. NIVEA PROTECTION Using beacons in ads
  13. 13. NIVEA PROTECTION mobile app
  14. 14. BELUVV Tracing the four-legged friends
  15. 15. PKPKT Using BLE in smartphones to create city game
  16. 16. PKPKT Using BLE in smartphones to create city game
  17. 17. APPLE STORES Sample of modern self-service retail model
  18. 18. • Product information • Getting product support onsite • Easy mobile payment and purchase
  19. 19. • Context information based on your location • Ability to purchase products by yourself, with no assistance - payments done by scanning product barcodes (using iTunes accounts with credit cards)
  21. 21. • Apple patented some of the future BLE and smartphone applications • Untapped potential: in-store analytics • Integrations with promotional engines and loyalty systems
  22. 22. DEMO
  24. 24. FIELDS OF APPLICATION • Customer as transmitter: beacons simplify communication in location where customers are - they can be used by customers needing assistance or advice • In-store navigation: beacons can direct customers „step by step” and help find interesting products. This can be combined with shopping list apps to create great shopping experience. • In-store analytics: business owners are able to gather rich customer in-store behavior data and optimize their marketing and merchandising. You can collect data on frequency of visits, cross- channel sales data and demographic attributes such as age, sex, interests. • Omnichannel marketing: our technology enables measuring the effect of mobile ad campaigns on offline sales. Both online and offline sales can be boosted. • Gamification: beacons offer great potential to implement gamification into customer communication, e.g. by using city game mechanics: treasure hunts, appearing in certain locations on certain time etc. • Points of sale: in conjunction with mobile commerce applications and online payments, customers can finish transactions in a physical store without the need to contact the seller
  25. 25. BUSINESS ADVANTAGES • Communication with customers being in proximity of your store • Deep customer analytics - combination of demographic information with microlocation data • Non-invasive customer profiling • Low cost of hardware purchase and maintenance • Everyone has the technology in his pocket
  26. 26. HOW CAN WE HELP?
  27. 27. HOW CAN WE HELP • Advice on using BLE technologies • Development of beacon usage strategies and microlocation data gathering • Advising on integrating and correlating newly gathered data existing data (e.g. with Google Analytics) • Creation of custom mobile apps or integration with customers’ existing ones • Handling of customer communication processes using our own mobile adserver - Vendimob • Support of hardware implementation (beacon installation and maintenance) • Customer aquisition for mobile apps, mobile app promotion and optimization (via our partners)
  28. 28. HOW CAN WE HELP • E-commerce/m-commerce integration with physical locations • Integration of local data with other datasets (e.g. from loyalty systems) • Creation of local context message emission systems in physical locations • In-store navigation • Customers preferences and behaviours analytics • Marketing campaigns using mobile technologies and BLE • Own BLE hardware, own SDK (iOS, Android, Windows Phone), own context message emission adserver
  29. 29. WHAT CAN BE MEASURED • Proximity from tagged places (entries, exits, alleys, shelves, products) • Geofencing - entry/exit from defined zones • Messages with delayed emission time based on present or past microlocation • Duration of residence in tagged microlocations (e.g. by the product shelf) • Users behavioral patterns in different locations (with movement paths) • Influence of promotions to customer behaviour • Customers sales preferences depending on product location
  30. 30. LINTERI END-POINTS • Integration with existing mobile apps via SDK (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) • Design and development of specialized mobile apps • Integration with 3rd party mobile apps • Mobile adserver integration enabling publication of targeted messages to mobile
  31. 31. VENDIMOB - TARGETED COMMUNICATION • Mobile adserver managing message emission campaigns • Messages targeted according to: • category • location (GPS/WIFI) / microlocation (beacons) • operating system • GMS operator • phone manufacturer / model • wi-fi connection • weather and stock exchange • Ability to integrate with 3rd party software, e.g. loyalty platforms or CRM
  32. 32. MINIMUM IMPLEMENTATION REQUIREMENTS • 1 beacon - placed on entry/exit, message emmision to nearby customers • min. 3 beacons - in-store navigation, patterns of customer movement • mobile app or „intelligent shopping cart” device
  33. 33. PARTNERS Promotion and positiong of mobile applications in: App Store, Google Play, Windows Phone Marketplace Mobile ad network, creation, planning and optimization of campaigns on mobile devices
  34. 34. THANK YOU. Łukasz Felsztukier, CEO Tel. +48 664 952 859 Linteri Sp. z o.o. ul. Nowogrodzka 42/9 00-695 Warsaw, Poland