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The three rs by Rocio, Claudia, Lucía A, Romeo and Laura.6ºA


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Reciclaje en Primaria

Published in: Education
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The three rs by Rocio, Claudia, Lucía A, Romeo and Laura.6ºA

  1. 1. The “three R´s”
  2. 2. Recycle: Definition: Subminition materials used or wasted a process for transformation for a new use. Things we do with this R: 1) Recycle cans. 2) Recycle all types of bottles. 3) Recycle paper and wood,carton box.
  3. 3. Reuse: Definition: Use again one thing with a different function tan originally. Things for we doing in this R: 1) My mum doesn’t take bag when she goes to buy for example the supermarket. 2) Use the clean face of the used paper. 3) Reuse some things like a school material from last year.
  4. 4. Reduce: Definition: Eliminate the amount or intensity of something bad for environment. Things we do in this R: 1)Go the school in bus or walking. 2)When I brush my teeth turn off the tap if don’t use. 3)In my family we buy 1 bottle of 2 litres instead of 4 bottles.
  5. 5. The end