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The three Rs by Inma, Sara, Paula y Andrea. 6ºC


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Reciclaje en Primaria

Published in: Education
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The three Rs by Inma, Sara, Paula y Andrea. 6ºC

  1. 1. The three `RS` Made by Paula,Andrea,Sara and Inma
  2. 2. Reuse Reuse is the action or practice of using something again whether for it`s original purpose or to fulfil a diferent fuction. Reuse helps sabe time,money,energy and resources.
  3. 3. Examples: Reuse cans Reuse glass bottle Reuse tennis ball Reuse tires
  4. 4. Recycle Some used materials or waste in a process of transformation or use to be used.
  5. 5. Examples: Recycle plastic Recycle glass Recycle metal Recycle paper
  6. 6. Reduce Source reduction involves efforts to reduce hazardous waste and other materials by modifying industrial production. Source reduction methods involve changes in manufacturing technology,raw material inputs ,and product formulation.
  7. 7. Example: Turn off theTV Use less water Use the public transport