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The three Rs by Emma , Ariadna and Paula. 6ºB


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The three Rs

Published in: Education
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The three Rs by Emma , Ariadna and Paula. 6ºB

  1. 1. The Three Rs By Emma Barranco , Ariadna Martínez and Paula García 6ºB
  2. 2. THE RECYCLE  Recycling is a process by which we recover all or part of reusable raw materials from a ready-made product. The need to recycle arises from the hand of the unbridled consumerism of the last century. The profound social changes that the Industrial Revolution has produced have affected the lifestyle , especially the Western one and the way we consume , arising a variety of products made and designed for individual consumption.
  3. 3. THE REUSE  To reuse is to change the chip in our buying habits and not to be guided by the idea of buying , using and throwing , to which we are increasingly accustomed. Reusing is giving a second life to a product.
  4. 4. THE REDUCE  When we talk about reducing what we are saying is that we should try to reduce or simplify the consumption of direct products , that is , everything that is bought and consumed , since this has a direct relationship with the waste , and at the same time with our pocket.
  5. 5. THE END