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The three Rs by Cyntia and Lucía Aguado.6ºA


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Reciclaje en Primaria

Published in: Education
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The three Rs by Cyntia and Lucía Aguado.6ºA

  1. 1. THE 3 “R” Authors: Cyntia Rosales García Lucía Aguado Cáceres
  2. 2. THE 3 “R” REDUCE We need to use the minimum resources, in order to not generate contamination due to the use of this resources. We can reduce pollution without taking the car: Some short car journeys, can be replaced by walking or cycling We can reduce pollution by lower the heating temperature: It is not necessary to use shorts or short sleeved shirts in winter, we can use warm clothes in our homes. We can also reduce, by spending less water: We can close the water tap when we brush our tooth.
  3. 3. THE 3 “R” REUSE Use something that we are not going to use it again, into another utility. For example, a can could be converted to a candleholder. Things that we can REUSE: We can reuse the paper: For example, people throw away used paper, this paper could be turned into recycled paper. We can reuse the plastic bags: For example, The plastic bags we don’t need, could be used as hand made costumes. We can reuse the plastic bottles: For example, The plastic bottles could be transformed in many types of things made of reused plastic
  4. 4. THE 3 “R” RECYCLE Recycling is turning waste into new materials to reuse them. There are seven types of containers: PAPER: In the paper container, we Recycle magazines and newspaper PLASTIC & METAL CANS: In the Plastic container, we Recycle plastic bottles, plastic bags, and metal cans. GLASS: In the glass container, we Recycle glass bottle OIL: In the oil container, we Recycle used oil Clothes: In the clothes container, we Recycle used clothes Organic: In the organic container, we Recycle fruit and vegetable waste
  5. 5. THE 3 “Rs” Authors: Cyntia Rosales García Lucía Aguado Cáceres THANK YOU