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The Three Rs by Angel, Juan David and Ivan.6ºC


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The Three Rs

Published in: Education
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The Three Rs by Angel, Juan David and Ivan.6ºC

  1. 1. The Three R�s �ngel Fern�ndez Juan David Mateos Iv�n Castillo
  2. 2. The Three R�s Recycle What is it? Treat used materials or waste to an exploitation process to that they can be used.
  3. 3. The Three R�s Recycle What can we do to recycle? -Throw plastic and cans to the yellow container. -Throw paper and carton to the blue container. -Throw glass to the container. -Throw organic waste into the black container.
  4. 4. The Three R�s Reuse What is it ? To use something again, usually with a function different from the one,I usually had.
  5. 5. The Three R�s Reuse How can we reuse? -Reuse plastic bag. -reuse plastic and glass bottle
  6. 6. The Three R�s Reduce What is it? Reuse discarded things and give same or different use.
  7. 7. The Three R�s Reduce How we can reduce? -Use less water. -Turn off the TV when you are not watching it.
  8. 8. The Three R�s Reduce Reuse Recycle What do you do to work the three Rs?
  9. 9. �ngel Fern�ndez Iv�n Castillo Juan David