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The three Rs by Andreu and Javier Navarro.6ºA


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Reciclaje en Primaria

Published in: Education
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The three Rs by Andreu and Javier Navarro.6ºA

  1. 1. THE 3 R`S Andreu Iglesias Neculman Javier David Navarro Jiménez
  2. 2. reuse  Reuse is very important because the factories don´t produce so many things. It is a rule of the 3 Rs, and many things can be reused and reuse is a rule to take care of the environment, specifically to reduce of waste or waste generated.
  3. 3. RECICLYNG It is very important and it can be recycling: glass bottles, oil ,metal and is one the 3 Rs and recycling is a process whose objective is to convert waste in new products or material for later use
  4. 4. Reduce  Reduce is very important for the planet because it does not the factories is very important. Reduce is one of the 3R s and it is about simplifying the comsuption of direct products, that is, every thing that is bought and consumed.
  5. 5. Goodbye and thanks for listening