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The three Rs by Alba García and Emma Padial 6ºB


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The three Rs

Published in: Education
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The three Rs by Alba García and Emma Padial 6ºB

  1. 1. the three r�s by: Alba and Emma
  2. 2. history of three r rules Greenpeace and other ecologists organitations made famous the rules of three r�s. This rules are: Recycle, Reuse and Reduce.
  3. 3. R E C Y C L E Is transform used materials in new materials.
  4. 4. r e u s e Is use again a material for give a second life.
  5. 5. r e d u c e Is reduce consuption and energy costs.
  6. 6. the most recycle countries Japan, Switzerland, Germany and Italy are the most recycle countries of the world. Unfortunately Spain is not in the top ten.
  7. 7. c u r i o s i t y In other countries you can put a plastic bottle into machine and you recive a ticket for you shops in the market.