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Descripción de animales en Inglés

Published in: Education
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  2. 2. bigThey are but they aren´t elephants
  3. 3. longThey are but they aren´t snakes
  4. 4. heavy and strongThey are but they aren´t whales
  5. 5. wild and very dangerousThey are but they aren´t wolves
  6. 6. furry and softThey are but they aren´t koalas
  7. 7. head, claws, mouth, nose, ears and legs They have but they aren´t lions
  8. 8. They haven´t antennae, wings and stings they aren´t bees
  9. 9. They can but they aren´t aligators run, walk and swim
  10. 10. They can´t fly, jump or crawl they aren´t ladybirds
  11. 11. in the ocean but they aren´t seals They live
  12. 12. They don´t live in a forest, in a jungle or in a field they aren´t panthers
  13. 13. They eat but they aren´t hyenas meat and fish
  14. 14. They don´t eat grass and fodder they aren´t cows
  15. 15. They are white but they aren´t penguins
  16. 16. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _PO L A R BE A R S
  17. 17. Trabajo realizado por: Irene García Piquero Laura Martín Rodríguez