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ELCC Brochure


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ELCC Brochure

  1. 1. /r; /1 F . . H ‘ . _ rr» llrlilr{H111111!1r'wlI1l'l1 ' '3. r t ‘ Arab Republic of Egypt Mlnlstry of Communlcotlons ; e-Learning Com zsetence Center and Information Technology E-Learning Competence Center encou rage quicklysjtes . .r. .;. n t re p re n e U lf, ... W. qurcklv broadcast peoplecontributions vmwusecommuni. tiesI'eSOul’CeS q| urfCk| ytranSmitted pohtrcal characteristics votrng f V I r. lV. §1l11'g Lea rriliirréte C9 nte nt seen aCC€SS| l'lgpo| itica| ) . h - we b 3 o e. ”i? e". -111‘-’rR’l‘r%‘{c, i°“ vih%'#%% I o volrng MOW ' effect“/ e|y thrlVevotIngVl dpgps) fo| rn/ ,1|i(r? tl: g|r sharingform. S OW. barrIerS_<é communicate Seeninterestslnsplrefzlowx Web 2 0 comments vote . servicesf€€dbaCkpecg£~e D11“ Em owerment following S '1 a'c re M “ma ' pevervone _ _ see Voung Show qugkfi I a e abestthr-ve arronwsrratrirxtssrlzr§: ,“;2::2“V usrgrers ood - _ WWW_e| CC_g0V_eg usea uenCea| €dUCat3t| On 5“. a."_"_3._f3V_9.1.1.19.l i ng Onwfinip i9gS<£i5]-him”
  2. 2. Inspiring Excellence and Innovation www. e|cc. gov. eg
  3. 3. ABOUT US The E-Learning Competence Center (ELCC) was established in 2004 by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) in cooperation with Cisco Systems with the mandate of diffusing innovation and developing and delivering state-of-the art e-learning programs. It is Egypt's leading organization in e-Learning with a track record of developing and delivering a wide array of e-Learning courses and programs in areas related to Information Technology, entrepreneurship and business essentials. ELCC also sets and disseminates quality standards of e-Learning, and web communications providing best practice research and expert consultancy in these areas and engendering the first wave of facilitators and e-trainers into the market. 1' ‘E ' {TX} —*-I’ Ll‘
  4. 4. Our Vision ”To Integrate cutting-edge | CTs in the educational reform plans and learning processes and help enhance Egypt's socio-economic development and to secure a strong competitive position in the global market” Our Mission ”To contribute to Egypt's economic growth and global competitiveness by enhancing workforce performance and creating job opportunities through high quality, practical, state-of-the-art e-Learning and human resources development activities in compliance with the government and business communities evolving needs" Strategic Objectives I Boost Egypt's competitiveness and increase job opportunities by investing in human resources development. I Develop a future generation armed with knowledge and skills in business, management, and ICT. I Empower Egypt's entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs to use the Internet and advanced technologies to build their business competencies and sharpen their entrepreneurial skills. I Generate a new model for learning that inspires continuous improvement through lifelong learning and cutting-edge e—| earning technologies. I Advocate and promote innovation at all levels through e-learning.
  5. 5. Content Development and Localization Developing Specialist & Technical Content into e-Learning ELCC develops a wide array of e-Learning content in different disciplines to provide organizations and individual learners with knowledge and skills needed to stay on the cutting-edge of technology and leadership. The center also works with Subject Matter Experts, consultants and translators to localize the curricula of learning material in various disciplines in a way that captures the essence of the concerned culture/ context and fully engages learners. Lifelong Learning Learning for Life. . Learning for All The lifelong learning program of ELCC focuses on enhancing the technical and professional skills of the largest segments of citizens who have finished their formal education. Increased access, scalability and outreach are at the heart of the center's lifelong learning program, made possible through the efficient utilization of the latest e-Learning tools and techniques. National Delivery Network Maximizing Impact through Outreach The ELCC has created a nationwide network of delivery through implementing a scalable plan to leverage and optimize the use of IT clubs all over the nation to act as outlets for the delivery of web»based content, online assessment, student performance tracking, hands—on labs, instructor training, support and preparation for industry standard certifications. To date, the center has established around 700 local academies across the country.
  6. 6. Entrepreneurship Education Program Fostering Entrepreneurial Mindsets through e-Learning The Entrepreneurship Education Program is designed to help entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs start and grow their own businesses based on practical and professional strategies using Cisco Entrepreneur Institute's content and know-how through a bundle of e-Learning courses and an innovative delivery mode that relies on mentoring, networking, case studies, role modeling, videos, Illustrations, action learning and group projects. Web Communications Capturing the Power of Social Media The ELCC has a full portal development, web design and web content management capacity and has built expertise in designing, developing and managing web portals using the latest ASP. net and integrating the most promising social media networks and Web 2.0 technology. Research & Development 7. Bringing Fresh Thinking to e-Learning The R&D division is responsible for the development, review, evaluation and dissemination of quality ‘ . ) e-Learning and web communications standards among stakeholders involved in capacity building, ll content development, quality assurance and infrastructure development in order to ensure sustainable l _ and relevant e-Learning for all. % l , ,:'f€xa. "‘E«’
  7. 7. The ELCC is certified as both a Cisco Academy Training Centre (CATC) and a Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Regional Academy to train and support instructors and students and to establish Academies. ELCC partnered with Cisco Entrepreneur Institute to become an official Training Center for Cisco Entrepreneur Institute to help Egyptian entrepreneurs start and grow their own businesses using the Institute's content and know-how. The Global Entrepreneurship Program (GEP) is launched by the U. S State Department to support and empower entrepreneurs in Muslim communities around the world. ELCC is a local partner to GEP to roll-out large scale entrepreneurship education to the youth and to diffuse innovation in this area. Interact Egypt is the regional office in Cairo for Interact SpA, a leading Italian developer of solutions for the transformation, management and delivery of digital media over IP and mobile networks and an expert in Social Media solutions and services. INTERACT lln mumu
  8. 8. SIEMENS v 3 - elaal i_s. ... ,. t-_e§l: Llnl a, .I: .,J T? I &__.9,_. :?l| ' M | KNDVIILEDBEi i(_]i—iIzLJN University Bringing FRESH THINKING to e-learning
  9. 9. e-Learning Diploma Information Technology & Entrepreneurship e-Learning Standards iExec e-Learning Fundamentals Starting a Business Visual Learning Growing a Business Instructional Strategies Communication Skills for Business and Computing Instructional Design IT Essentials: PC Hardware and Software Online Support IT in Organizations Interactive Learning/ Simulation Tools Business Computer Basics Assessment Design Green ICT Ethical 8: Legal Issues in e-Learning SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) The future is Green
  10. 10. Our delivery mode relies on a blended mode of learning that is based on both instructor—led training and e-Learning. We rely on our training on the following strategies: - Mentoring - Social Networking (Facebook, YouTube, Linkedln. .etc) - Video Learning - Action Learning - Role Modeling - Case Studies - Group Projects and Hands-on Activities
  11. 11. The E—Learning Competence Center The Egyptian Education Initiative Egyptian Red Crescent (ELCC) (EEI) '1/10 . $3.. I ‘’‘! »‘7'1‘’' 4 Cyber Peace Initiative Mubrak. Masr Web Interface
  12. 12. [ TilGA, Te nolcigy. Cm niiient, AWARDS Cl5(O Nefyvorklng Academy Awards 2010 Cisco Networking Academy Awards 2007 Winner Wliiricr in Africa L 4 I Large Sula oopioymuii P"""°' °' "" "" Cisco Networking Academy Cisco Networking Academy Technology in "Large Scale Deployment” ”Project of the Year” Government in Africa Award 2010 Award 2007 Award 2007 This cerIilIca| e IS iii IECOQIVIIIDH ol '7-EL-' . .c. .i. ... ... c.i. - Cisco Best Regional we iecognise you as --«»-in-mu-i-mi Academy Award iio me Deployment 3 Implementation orxing Academy Program Egyamcaaem Coniemnce Julvl azoma
  13. 13. Train 56,610 Students Train 3,260 Instructors Serve 60,000 beneficiaries Serve 3,000 Entrepreneurs Establish 700 e-Learning Delivery Centers Develop and Localize 20 Courses Create 3,000 Created jobs l
  14. 14. Inspiring Excellence and Innovation www. e|cc. gov. eg
  15. 15. 7 ~—l i-. iiiiiiii_i I iviirii lI"lill ‘Nlllil Copyright ELCC © 2010. All rights reserved Ministry of Communications and Information Technology