Photos of elacta ilca congress 2010


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Photos of elacta ilca congress 2010

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Photos of elacta ilca congress 2010

  1. 1. First day: preparatory meeting of the representatives of member associations. We were asked to write a welcome note in our languages.
  2. 2. We were also asked to write “happy birthday” in our languages on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners IBLCE
  3. 3. Our exhibition booth the moment we received it before decorating it A movable wall, a table with a white table cloth with a plastic photo frame with our name and logo on it.
  4. 4. Our booth after decoration and display of our Egyptian products with the booths of Greece and Poland on either side.
  5. 5. A close up on our background decoration with Egyptian tent cloth as the background, our association poster in the center surrounded by hand made oriental rugs and Kheyamia art.
  6. 6. A close up on the layout of our table
  7. 7. A view of the front vertical aspect of our table with the Alexandrian style head scarves, bags with Pharaonic prints and Pharaonic jewelry sets.
  8. 8. A close up on the right side of the table top with Pharaonic statues, oriental perfumes, Scarabs, Aswan alabaster eggs, Cleopatra style necklaces, Siwa art purse, and Arabesque mother of pearl jewelry boxes.
  9. 9. A close up of the left side of our table top with our brochures, book marks, Papyrus big and small pharaonic drawings, Siwa art key chains, and Arabesque mother of pearl photo frames.
  10. 10. The center back of our table top with pharaonic design real leather cushions and Bedouin style mirror frames. The plastic frame was used to display multiple colored scarab necklaces
  11. 11. Representing Egypt with the Polish booth to the left and the Greek to the right.
  12. 12. Other booths of different associations showing the place of the booths right next to the stair case where every body using the stairs would notice them and on top are the Swiss artists blowing the folklore Swiss horns.
  13. 13. During the breaks, guests could enjoy the Swiss folklore. Swiss artists blowing the folklore Swiss horns.
  14. 14. Swiss folklore singers in their folkloric outfits.
  15. 15. Our poster (IBCLC certification: Capacity Building and Putting Knowledge to Practice… An Egyptian Success Story), 8-9 am third and forth days 22nd and 23rd October 2010
  16. 16. Talking about our experience as shown in the poster.
  17. 17. Our poster among other posters.
  18. 18. The closing Ceremony 23rd October 2010 with the flags of the member associations
  19. 19. The closing Ceremony 23rd October 2010 with the representatives of the member associations