Photoshoot plans


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Photoshoot plans

  1. 1. Photoshoot Plans This will show you my Photoshoot plan for my front page and contents images.
  2. 2. Plan for both Pages Agency name: Sixth Shoot Date: 11/10/10 Headline Item/Model Shot type/angle/ distance Macro, Flash and Lighting Background Positioning on front cover/TOC Font cover image • Jimena Meza Mitcher • Holding a folder and books (green) • Eye level • Natural Light • Plain Background, a colour to stand out with the green (Purple) • Front Cover (Right hand side) so the headings can be on the left Past Experiences • Two Friends • Folder • Phone • High angle • Close enough to see the props • Natural Light • A part of the school e.g. the hall • TOC (Right hand side) 10 Tips for Revising • Reece Sylvester • Folder (Showing work) • High angle to see the folder • Natural Light • Any room of the school • TOC (Top left hand corner) Interview with a Teacher • Reece Sylvester • Eye Level • Natural Light • Any room of the school • TOC (Middle Right) Other Article Images: Debate Club, Make new Friends, Art Club/ Prize Giving and Results Date (Dates for half term) • Reece Sylvester • Jimena Meza Mitcher • Folders • Paper • Art Work • Eye Level • Natural Light • Any room of the school • Any art room or First floor with the art work on the walls • TOC (Bottom Left, Bottom Right)